Season Scoring Method:

A sailor earns points for each race the sailor participates.
Points are earned using the high point method. Example: 5 boats racing, 1st place earns 5 points, 2nd place earns 4 points, etc.

To qualify for the end of season series awards, a sailor must compete in a minimum of 50% of races sailed in that series.
Sailors sailing 50% of all races sailed in any series will qualify for the overall combined series award.

Season end points are calculated as follows: Final Score=Total Points Earned/Total Points Possible (of races sailed)
This will result in a percentage. Sailors are ranked based on highest percentage.

Note: This method gives no penalty for missed races as long as a sailor attends at least 50% of the races


Race Committee Incentive:
A sailor working race committee may drop their worst single race score each time they work race committee in the series where RC work is performed. A sailor may not drop scores less than 50% of the total races in a series.
A sailor working race committee sailing less than 50% of the races in the series worked may discount the minimum number of races required by the number of times they worked as race committee.