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Butterfly Nationals for 2011 is in the books. With great teamwork from club members, LDBSA was a great host for the event.

Check the racing page for complete results. WAOW, TV 9 broadcast the following video Sunday evening:

Here are two videos of some interviews after day one, Butterfly single handed Nationals


Sailing backwards and backwards to windward between race 2 & 3 ?!?


Day 2, Butterfly Nationals:

After some light air practice races on Friday, won by our own Dennis Gamble, the racing Saturday was in really light air. Of the 3 races, two of the race winners were LDBSA sailors. In race 1, Hank Sims topped the 11 boat fleet with a victory in race 1 and Dennis Gamble took honors in race 2. Race 3 was won by Jim Young.

Going into day 2 after 3 races, LDBSA sailor Calen Terry is leading the regatta by one point over Laser Master World Champion Doug Peckover. Joe Terry is currently in 3rd.

The competition is tight and the winds are forecasted to be around 10 mph for the final races on Sunday. Racing begins at 9:30, and thanks to the Shipyard and Waters marine, we have a spectator boat available. Come down to the lake and see the exciting conclusion to the Butterfly Single Handed Nationals. Our LDBSA club volunteers are doing a tremendous job supporting the regatta and everyone is having a GREAT time.


The Barnum Bay Yacht Club annual dam race is going to be held on Sunday, September 4. Registrations will be accepted the day of the regatta on site. The registration form can be found here:

Dam Race Registration


Please note: The Governor's Cup Regatta has been altered to SATURDAY ONLY due to a light pre-registration. Come out and enjoy the 30th Annual Governor's Cup Regatta.

***Governor's Cup Registration & Sailing Instructions (PDF)***



A great season of racing is underway. You can see how everyone is doing on the racing page. Race results are linked on the right column on the page.


Lake DuBay squeaked out a victory over Long Lake at the inagural Long Lake/Lake DuBay Butterfly Challenge. Congratulations LDBSA sailors!

LDBSA was up after race 1, tied after race 2, down after race 3, and pulled ahead in races 4 and 5 to win the challenge by a mere 7 points.

See photos and results on the racing page.


The Sunday Series started out successfully with 7 boats racing (8 on the water). Results for all the race series events is on the racing page.

Please note the scoring is slightly different this year and does not penalize a sailor for missing races. However, racers must participate in 50% of a series to qualify for the series trophies. A description of the scoring method is on the right column on the racing page.


The race training opportunity is rapidly approaching. Following is the schedule:

The dates:
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, June 15, 16, 17
Time: 9:00 am - mid afternoon


We will do what the weatherman and the skill of the sailors allows us to do. That means that any 'schedule' is subject to change by day, by hour or even by minute!

~Day One, shorter, more intense drills, emphasis on boat-handling and decision-making in a crowd.

~Day Two, slightly longer drills working towards boat speed and mark approaches/roundings.

~Day Three, Starts, starts, and more starts, working towards short-course races.

Time, weather, and facilities permitting, we will try to have some video review each day.

Each boat should be in full working order - except in an emergency, attention will go to those boats and sailors able to participate in and complete the drills. Equipment questions and issues, rigging and set up questions, will be handled the first day before going on the water, and at the end of each day's session. Sailors should have a water bottle and an on-the-water lunch with them when sailing, as well as snacks and a change of clothes on shore.


The Long Lake/Lake DuBay Challenge notice of race flyer is linked here:
Long Dubay regatta flyer


Club racing kicked off with an exciting start in heavy air. Winds diminished throughout the evening, and the last race was decided by about 3 feet with Dennis Gamble eeking out Joe Terry. Fun stuff!


Club racing kicks off Wednesday, June 1 with Butterfly one-design. Come on out and see the races, participate in the races, or just go sailing!


Last weekend (5/14/11) was the annual Sytten de Mai regatta hosted by the Lake Kegonsa Sailing Club. Dennis Gamble represented Lake DuBay and offered the following report:

Well, it was pretty windy and wet down on Lake Kegonsa. Winds averaged 17 to 20 mph, with some occasional gusts in the mid to upper 20s. This kept the number of boats down a bit.

We had 14 boats registered with 9 boats actually racing. I ended up finishing 5th overall. The air temperature was in the mid 50s, and the water temperature was too. The rain actually held off until late in the last race. Most of the wet was from beating into a fairly steep chop on the upwinds. I was nice and toasty warm in my drysuit though. I don't think I would have wanted to be out there without one. At least not in a Butterfly anyway.

I had a couple of interesting moments going downwind in the practice race, where the boat went under to the splash rail and I wasn't sure it was going to pop back up again. That's always exciting. Consequently, I probably sailed a bit more conservatively on the downwind legs in the afternoon races than I should have. I ended up sailing extra distance in order to cross the waves at an angle and stay upright. I probably could have heeled the boat to windward more on the downwinds as well. The boat was rolling pretty good in the waves though, and a capsize to windward seemed like a strong possibility.

Upwind, I was footing a bit to keep my speed up. I played the shifts in the middle of the course while the rest of the fleet split left and right. Personally, I couldn't see an advantage on either side of the course, so going up the middle seemed the safer bet. I was quite happy with my starts, which was something I wanted to work on this year. So that was good. Overall, I would say that I sailed very competently given the conditions, but probably needed to push the envelope a bit more to move up in the standings.

The Lake Kegonsa club puts on a very nice regatta. The food was good and abundant, and everyone was very friendly and helpful. I did win 3 t-shirts and a Melges belt in the raffle as well. One of these days I'm going to stay for the after party too.


Get ready for a valuable sailing education opportunity!

Lake DuBay Sailing Association will be hosting Jim Young, Olympic sailing coach, June 15, 16, 17 on Lake duBay.

Any type of sailboat is encouraged, and you can sail with your full crew.

The only way to get better is to practice, practice, practice, and learning how to improve your skills early in the season will then give you the opporunity to practice those skills throughout the season.

The course will include:

Starting: Skillsets will include learning how to choose the favored side of the starting line and on the water drills to buid confidence; How to better time the start and practice drills; Skills to help choose a favored side of the course.

Upwind leg skills: Changing gears to go fast when you need to vs. pointing high when you need to. General tactical skills upwind.

Mark Rounding: Boat handling drills, understanding mark rounding rules, and positioning youself for the next leg.

This opportunity is a very rare and special one at any price, so contact Joe Terry ASAP to confirm your attendance.


MAY14 – The Syttende Mai Regatta on Lake Kegonsa. Go to for more information.


The interclub Butterfly challenge between Long Lake and LDBSA is shaping up to be fun. Joe Terry made the perpetual trophy to be awarded to the winning team.



The race committee sign up sheet is now posted on the racing page. Please sign up and help perform race committee duties. It's FUN. If you need help launching the boat or have any questions, just indicate that when you click the Volunteer link.


2011 marks the 30th annual challenge for the Governor's Cup. The Notice of Race has been officially posted on the Racing page. Registration forms and sailing instructions will be available soon.




The 2010 LDBSA race season is officially complete. Congratulations to EVERYONE who participated in a race this season. There were a nice variety of sailors racing and it was especially great seeing the improvement and tough competition throughout the year.

Final champions are as follows:

    1. Tuesday Series
      1. 1st Place – Joe Terry
      2. 2nd Place –Dennis Gamble
      3. 3rd Place – Calen Terry
    2. Saturday Series
      1. 1st Place – Joe Terry
      2. 2nd Place – Dennis Gamble
      3. 3rd Place – Kurt Sims
    3. Overall
      1. 1st Place – Joe Terry
      2. 2nd Place – Dennis Gamble
      3. 3rd Place – Calen Terry
    4. Butterfly
      1. 1st Place – Joe Terry
      2. 2nd Place – Calen Terry
      3. 3rd Place – Dennis Gamble

      Special trophy winners were:
      Dedicated DuBayer: Jack Thielke
      Outstanding Crew: LaCinda Terry


Calen Terry, Dennis Gamble, and Joe Terry represented Lake DuBay at the Butterfly Single Handed National Championship at Union Lake, Longmont, Colorado. The winds were all but nonexistent. The biggest puff during a race measured around 4 mph. And the wind was from every direction because what wind there was resulted from some thermal activity.

Dennis had a great race #2, finishing 7th overall in that race. Joe's best race was race #1 with a 8th, and Calen's best was a 13. The overall rankings found Calen in 15th, Dennis in 14th, and Joe in 11th place.

A write-up can be found on the web site

The complete results can be found HERE


Due to the massive rains and all the gates at the DuBay dam wide open, the lake was closed and therefore, no racing took place on Saturday 9/25.


The Lake DuBay Sailing Association proudly hosted the 2010 I-20 Nationals on September 17, 18, & 19. There were 18 boats registered, and 17 sailing in some pretty light conditions.

Regatta photos will be posted soon. In the meantime, click the photo for a few photos taken by Rich Barker and Tammy Hessler along with full race results.

The Terry's sailing high and fast towards the windward mark

LDBSA volunteers did a great job of getting courses set in the dramatically shifty winds, and got a total of 4 races in. One on Friday and three on Saturday. With no breeze on Sunday, the regatta came to a close.

A special thanks to Mike Koss, Jack and Cheryl Thielke, and Russ and Tammy Hessler for allowing their boats to be used for committee, taxi, and safety boat use.

The Gamble family did a fanomonal job with meals, desserts made by Hanna, and Dennis getting our committee boat ready, race buoys organized, and working along with our Principal Race Officer, LaCrosse sailor Susanna Hanson.

On the race course, the home team of Joe and LaCinda Terry sailed well, with two 3rd place finishes and taking home a Nationals silver trophy with an overall 5th place regatta finish.

Kurt Sims sailed with Geoff Catlin of Neenah and finished a very respectable 12th after having to drop out of race #3 due to some mechanical issues.

The regatta organization came from regatta coordinators, Joe and LaCinda Terry and volunteers included:
Dennis Gamble
Darcy Gamble
Hannah Gamble
Brian Marks
Jack Thielke
Cheryl Thielke
Chuck Jagodinski
John Volrath
Mike Koss
Stewart Doty
Russ Hessler
Tammy Hessler
David Martin
Melissa Sims
Rich Barker
Alan Bernette

A special thanks also goes to some of Joe's friends and past I-20 sailors who came to help:
Jim Brust (Cedar Rapids, IA)
Grant Frautschi (Madison, WI)
Alec Chabalowski (Detroit, MI)

While the sailing conditions were non-typical for DuBay in late September, the regatta was a success thanks to the efforts of all of the club members who helped out.


The Wednesday evening Butterfly series is winding down and it's right down to the last race. First through 3th place are separated by only 3 points!

The forecast is great, so plan on coming out on the RC boat and cheer on the LDBSA racers. The wind forecast as of Sunday is for light air on Wednesday, and the competition has been extremely close, so anyone could win. All the sailors have been coming on strong, so expect some tight racing, and close finishes.

It's been a fantastic season.


The Complete Results for the Governor's Cup Regatta have been posted on the racing page. Special thanks to Dennis Gamble for calculating the race results and compiling them into a web-based format.

Additionally, Melissa Sims has submitted a number of high resolution photos of the Governor's Cup Regatta. You can check them out on the photo page.


The last Tuesday evening race will take place on August 24th. Please remember that the start time will be 5:45 due to the earlier sunset times. Let's make the last Tuesday race a great one! Hope to see you there.



The 2010, 29th annual Governor's Cup Regatta is now in the history books. Light winds on Saturday and non existent winds on Sunday made for challenging racing and most wishing there was more, but nonetheless, the racing was as competitive as ever.

This year, a Buccaneer sailed by Ed Montana/Hank Sims took top honors with 7 points followed by two I-20's , sailed by Joe and LaCinda Terry and John Spargo/Mike Hamer tied with 8 points. Portsmouth racing couldn't have been closer with corrected times within 1 second determining who lead who.

Final results will be posted soon (your webmaster just has to get them uploaded), so check back here or on the racing page Monday evening.


Early Season Racing Recap:

The season has started out well. Interestingly, winds have been breezy or nearly nonexistent and participation has been good.

We've had a few races where RC volunteers haven't showed up. If you have signed up and can't make it to the lake, please contact one of the club officers so alternative plans can be made.

We are also in need of RC for many of our club races. With the new pontoon boat it's a lot of fun and even if you have no experience doing race committee, come on out and enjoy watching the sailing.

The Saturday, June 26 Saturday race was canceled due to lack of wind. 5 boats took to the water, but with the biggest "gust" measured to 1.5 knots and no wind in between the committee boat towed in most of the sailors and called it a day. Several sailors then rendezvous at Saloon DuBay, enjoyed the AC and good food and talked sailing.

There have been several novice sailors giving racing a try and they've been doing great! A GREAT way to learn how to make a sailboat go where you want is to sail around the buoys and it's evident our newest sailors are learning quickly. If you're thinking about giving it a try but are hesitant for any reason, wait no more. Our club racing is fun and you don't have to worry about "getting in the way" because our races are friendly and the club racers accommodate all skill levels.


Lighthouse Regatta Recap
By: Joe Terry

The Lighthouse Regatta is a multi-fleet one-design regatta for Buccaneers, I-20 Scows, and Lightning sailboats hosted by Mike Elmergreen and Dave Kuharski of the Fond du Lac Sailing Club on Lake Winnebago. This year, the Lightnings and I-20’s took to the water, as there were no Buccaneer entries. I and Calen decided to give the Lighthouse a try for the first time in our I-20. Although Calen has crewed in several I-20 regattas, this was the first time with me.  We just about didn’t make it to the regatta as Calen wasn’t feeling well, but early Saturday morning, Calen thought we should give it a try, so we were on the road before 6:30 am.

The two-day regatta started Saturday, June 5 with fairly light winds out of the north at around 5-7. With 30 miles of lake for waves to build, wind out of the north generally brings pretty tough conditions at Fond du Lac.

In the first of four races sailed on Saturday the winds started out light so the waves weren’t too bad and we finished a fairly competitive 7th.  The winds continued to build slowly for the 2nd race to nearly perfect conditions of about 10 to 15.  We finished a respectable 4th in the 2nd race. By the 3rd race, Calen’s minor health problem left him tired and the waves created some pretty lumpy conditions but we finished 8th in the 3rd race and then retired from the 4th race.

Leaving the race course did have its advantages. With no one at the crane hoist and empty bathrooms and showers, the boat was out of the water and we were in clean, dry clothes to watch the fleet come into the harbor  - just as it started to rain.
We enjoyed meeting old friends and making new ones during supper. Calen was just beat, so he decided to take a nap in the truck and ended up getting a ride with Ann to Andy and Ann Gratton’s house where we were bunking for the evening. The rest of us stayed until late reminiscing good times, talking shop, and even ice boating!

Sunday morning brought more wind, but out of the northwest, so while it was wavy, it was certainly sailable. We got out on the water, practiced a few tacks and got ready for the two planned races. We read the wind and water well, and sacrificed a few degrees of pointing ability and traded it for a little extra speed and power through the waves. This paid off huge as we passed most of the boats in the fleet and ended up taking 3rd place. We were competitive in the last race as well, but the winds were a little lighter and it was very challenging sailing in the lumpy waves. We ended up 5th in the final race.

Because we sailed 6 total races, our worst, a DNS was thrown out and we ended up taking home the 5th place trophy! We celebrated by getting a ½ gallon of A&W root beer, drank it from our 5th place etched drinking glass trophies, and headed for home.

The Fond du Lac Sailing Club really hosted a nice regatta and everyone had a really nice time. If you have the opportunity to sail or crew on a Buccaneer, I-20, or Lightning you should put this regatta on your calendar. I know I’ll be going back.


With the first race of the season complete, it's officially NOT WINTER in Wisconsin. Come on out and try sailing around the course. We're sure you'll have fun doing it and learn valuable sailing skills!


The racing page has been updated with several notices of race. There are several spring regattas scheduled at affordable prices and great values. With the warmer water, this is the year to get your boats out early and go sailing!!!


The 2010 club racing season is shaping up to allow even more events for sailors to enjoy. Please go to the racing page to sign up to volunteer for RC duties. With the new committee boat, it's almost as much fun to watch the races as it is to participate!

THANK YOU Stewart Doty for donating three signal flags necessary to complete our inventory of regularly utilized race flags. If you wish to brush up on what flags are used for racing and what they mean, check out the top, right of the racing page for a link.


There are new Governor's Cup photos now on the photos page thanks to Russ and Tammy! Some of these photos are really great, so be sure to check them out.


Joe and LaCinda Terry have returned after a successful competition at the Inland 20 National Championships, held on September 18, 19, 20, 2009.

The Terry's sailed consistently in tough conditions for race finishes of 3, 4, 1, 8, 11, 3. Each sailors' worst race was a throw out if 6 races were sailed. The competition was extremely tight for 3rd through about 8th and Joe and LaCinda were 6th going into the last race before the throw out.

They won the 3rd race from the start, legging out after picking a great shift and finding pressure on the first leg and holding on for a race win.

The excitement, however, was in the last race. They attribute their success to going out on the lake early and studying the wind conditions. Like DuBay, the land caused changing characteristics in the wind and after studying both sides of the lake, they made a game plan. Fortunately, they were able to cary out that plan and they beat everyone they needed to in order to move up three places and take home some silver.

Joe and LaCinda take 3rd Place at the 2009 Inland 20 Scow National Championship Regatta

The following is an excerpt from the I-20 website:

The Inland 20 National Championships concluded the I-20 season with a back to back repeat champions in Steve Scheck and Leigh Leonard sailing a masterful regatta.

The Lake Wawasee Yacht Club in Syracuse, Indiana were gracious hosts and not only provided good racing, but opened up their homes, prepared fantastic meals, and really welcomed the I-20 fleet for an enjoyable National Championship Regatta.

The racing started on Friday afternoon in light and variable conditions. Finding the wind was key and taking advantage of the shifts made tactics very challenging for the entire fleet.

Saturday morning looked promising with winds around 8 and fairly steady. As race time approached, the winds lightened up a bit, although there were some puffs to be found in the 10 mph range. Staying in the pressure proved to be the key, although the irregular lake chop tested the sailors’ ability to read the water. At the end of the 3rd race on Saturday, and the 5th race for the regatta, 1st and 2nd were locked up but the battle for 3rd through 5th involved the top half of the fleet.

Saturday evening's dinner will be remembered with tenderloin, pasta salad, baked potatoes, beans, fruit, with ice cream and brownies for dessert. The volunteers at the Lake Wawasee Yacht Club sure know how to host a dinner! The evening social had a great atmosphere with a fire in the fireplace at the club house and lots of talk about sailing all sorts of scows.

As sailors took to the water on Sunday morning, the winds looked steady, but like Saturday, they started to swing a bit. Some of the conditions can be attributed to the shape of the lake, and the local knowledge paid off as two Wawasee boats went 1, 2 to finish the regatta.

In great form, the boats were packed up, awards were presented, lunch was served, and sailors were on the road around 1:00 for the trip home. Enough can't be said for the excellent organization.

The top five overall are as follows:

1st: Steve Scheck, Leigh Leonard, Lake Mendota, WI

2nd: Willie Crear, Suzy Sternkof, Lake Minnetonka, MN

3rd: Joe Terry, LaCinda Terry, Lake DuBay, WI

4th: Robbie Quisser, Ben Herdrich, Lake Wawasee, IN

5th: John Spargo, Jim Brust, Lake Mendota, WI

Full Results HERE


Photos from the 2009 Governor's Cup are now uploaded on the Photo Page. Thanks Melissa Sims for the photos!!!


The Butterfly One Design season came to a close after a beautiful evening of sailing. Light winds required patience, but two competitive races were sailed. For final results, check out the Butterfly One Design page and click the RACING button.


After a great day of racing on Saturday following by no racing on Sunday due to no wind, the 28th Annual Governor's Cup Regatta came to a close.

With 18 boats on the starting line, it was the best turnout in the last 15 years. Thanks everyone for coming, and check out the RACING page for results.

Hopefully, we'll have photos uploaded soon.


A big week for LDBSA: Tuesday evening is the last Tuesday race for the season - don't forget that we start at 5:45 due to earlier nightfall.

This weekend is our signature event - the Governor's Cup Regatta. The 28th Annual event will host an open daysailer fleet, open scow fleet, I-20 scow fleet, and Buccaneer fleet. Come out, race, watch, help out, and have a great time!

Things get started on Saturday at the Portage County Park at 8:00 with registration, a 9:30 competitors briefing, 11:00 start for race 1 followed by race 2, a break for lunch, and an afternoon race.

Saturday evening winds up with a dinner at the shelter at 6:00 for those who pre-registered. If you didn't pre-purchase supper? Bring something to cook on the grill and join us anyway!!!

Sunday starts off at 9:30 with a brief competitor's meeting followed immediately by the last two races sailed back to back.

The RC and safety boats are both large pontoon boats, so some spectator seating is available.

Photos and video from previous Governor's Cup regattas will be displayed at the shelter.

Hope to see you there!


Calen Terry, crewing for multi-time National Champion John Spargo finished 8th overall at the ILYA I-20 class Championship Regatta, sailed on Green Lake, WI August 13, 14, & 15. With a best finish of 3rd place, Spargo/Terry were nipping at the leader's heels for most of the regatta. The competition was tight and they were only five points from 5th a place trophy.

Joe and LaCinda Terry finished 10th overall with a best finish of 6th. There was some serious excitement in the 4th race when about 10 boat lengths from the windward mark the jib halyard let go with Joe and LaCinda in 4th place with two legs to go. They managed to over stand the top mark enough to sail in under main and flogging jib, set the spinnaker, and hit the bottom of the course still in 4th. Upon dousing the spinnaker, they tied the spinnaker halyard and tried to use it as a jib halyard. The jib set pretty soft, but allowed them to sail the last mile windward leg. They lost four boats in the process, but still finished the race respectfully.

The icing on the cake was covered the regatta. There are some good racing clips, so check it out. John Spargo and Calen Terry were sailing H-III and have a black and white spinnaker, and Joe and LaCinda on DB-34 with a orange, white, and black spinnaker. Enjoy the footage!

Race #4 Video

Race #6 Video


The Governor's Cup Regatta is just around the corner. Pre-registrations have determined four classes: I-20, Buccaneer, Open Scow, and Open Daysailer. Come out, enjoy our "new" RC boat and Mike Koss's pontoon for spectating. We can easily fit four or five on each, so even if you don't race, come out, enjoy the day with friends from near and far at the 28th annual Governor's Cup Regatta!

Calen Terry, Joe Terry, and Dennis Gamble traveled to Spring Lake, Michigan on July 21, 22, and 23 for the 2009 Butterfly National Championships for the Junior and Open divisions. Calen finished 16th in the Junior division. Joe finished 23rd and Dennis finished 33rd overall. Additional details can be found on the racing pages.

Butterfly Nationals 2009

A photo album has been added that has many photos from the regatta. Check it out!


Stewart Doty and his young RC helpers set up a great course on a fantastic day for sailing. So fantastic that the racers sailed four races. Results are on the race page


The Butterfly fleet took to the water and had some extremely close racing. Going into the last race, there was a 3 way tie for 1st between Ed Peck, Dennis Gamble, and Joe Terry. A 4th race was sailed and settled the tie in some really fun, light air conditions. All 6 boats hit the beach at the same time to the delight of the public. Good fun!

Butterfly sailors approach the beach


The Butterfly One-Design season kicked off on Wednesday, June 10. The racing was very competitive and really tight, even though the winds were very light at times. Check out the Butterfly One Design pages for results. Congratulations to Calen Terry taking first place and to Amy Meilke for sailing in her first race.


Valerie Charneski represented LDBSA at the Syttende Mai Regatta in stoughton, WI. We have no report from Valerie, but the results are posted on the Racing page or by clicking HERE. Check it out!


The Tune up day went excellent, thanks to RC work by Dennis Gamble and the LDBSA sailors who attended. Three practice races were held, and sailors got good practice with mark roundings, starts, and even some tactical work on the course! It's shaping up to be a great sailing season.


I-20 Sailors from Lake DuBay sail well at Cedar Lake, IN

Joe and LaCinda Terry finish 2nd in a 3-way tie for 1st place.
Calen Terry crews for Andy Gratton and finishes 5th overall.
Rich Barker and Kurt Sims stick it out in tough conditions on Saturday after many of the boats retired to finish in the top 1/2 of the 18 boat fleet.

Results links can be found on the race page, right column, or by clicking HERE

Lake DuBay Sailors at Cedar Lake, IN


A Race Committee Signup Sheet is now available on the racing page. Click the "volunteer" tag to send an e-mail to the Webmaster for the appropriate date. Volunteer today!


The new Butterfly fleet is mentioned on the Butterfly National Class Association website. Click HERE to

check it out.


Welcome to the new Lightning fleet 515. Jim Force is the fleet captain!


New Butterfly One-Design fleet web pages have been added. Click Butterfly Fleet on the home page, or just click HERE


Lake DuBay was well represented as Rich Barker and Dennis Gamble finished 22nd and Joe and LaCinda Terry finished 6th at the National Inland 20 Scow Sailing Association's National Championship Regatta held on Green Lake, Wi on September 19, 20, and 21st.

The 27 boat fleet represented sailors from North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota.

The weather was great and the competition was tough as the boats hit the water for the first two races on Friday in 12 to 18 mph winds. There was some contact in the first race and a few capsizes that kept the fleet mixed and at the end of the day, Rich and Dennis had a 22, 21 and the Terry's a 4, 4 for a solid start.

The racing Saturday brought much lighter winds and the first race started with winds around 8 with a few holes on the course. Rich and Dennis finished with a 22 and the Terry's clawed their way back from 20th at the first mark rounding to earn a 9th.

After lunch, the race committee started the first of two scheduled afternoon races. After two general recalls in light and variable winds, the race was underway. The fleet spread out, but collected back for the tightest leeward mark rounding in the history of I-20 racing. Nearly all of the boats converged at the leeward mark at the very same time in light air making for a jam packed mark rounding. 27 boats in the same place at the same time was quite interesting - and probably entertaining for the spectators. The Terry's were out in front and in 3rd place with less than 1/8 mile to go when they and the leaders lost the wind altogether. The fleet converged again as a puff pushed the fleet back together in a tight group for the finish. All the boats finished within seconds of each other, and Barker/Gamble ended up 17th close to the Terry's in 10th.

With winds all but gone, the racing was done for the day. A banquet was held at the historic Thrasher Opera House followed by live music by The Swing Crew band.

Sunday teased the sailors with hints of wind, but with nothing solid on the water, the RC called the regatta and the results at the end of the day on Saturday stood.

The race results can be found on the racing page, or by clicking HERE. Photos will likely soon be posted.

Lake DuBay Sailors are heading to Green Lake, WI for the 11th annual Inland 20 Scow National Championship Regatta. Rich Barker and Dennis Gamble will be sailing along with Joe and LaCinda Terry on Friday, September 19th through Sunday, September 21st

Best of Luck LDBSA Sailors!

9/8/08 Lake DuBay Sailors represented LDBSA well at the LaCrosse Sailing Club's annual Fish Boil Regatta on 9/7/08.

Dennis Gamble took home 1st place in the daggerboard class followed closely by Calen Terry. Calen beat Dennis in the first race, but Dennis turned the tables in races two and three over the rest of the fleet.

Joe and LaCinda Terry took home 1st place in the open daysailor class and were clearly the fastest boat on the water. Well done LDBSA sailors!

8/31/08 - Joe and LaCinda Terry attended the Barnum Bay Yacht Club's annual Dam Race. They were the only scow entered, and therefore finished 1st in the scow class. They also finished first overall and completed the race in boat speed behind only one catamaran (and ahead of two other multi-hulls).

Click HERE for results and a video on board the Terry's boat.

8/24/08 - The 27th Governor's Cup Regatta is in the books. 16 boats took to the water and sailed in breezy, shifty conditions. Sailors were challenged, but had a GREAT time.

The Buccaneer class dominated in both numbers and results as the top three overall combined winners were sailing Buccaneers.

Thank you everyone who pre-registered. We were able to plan and host a value packed regatta thanks to your commitment and taking the time to pre-register.

Race Results are posted

A photo page has been added. If there are photos you want a higher quality of, please e-mail the webmaster with the name of the photo and we'll get it e-mailed to you.

A special thank you to Mike Koss for once again donating his time and pontoon boat as the RC boat. Thanks also to all of those who helped, including:

Race Committee: Joe and LaCinda Terry and Mike Koss

Safety boat operators: Chuck Jagodinski, John Volrath, and Al Bernette

Registration: LaCinda Terrry, Larry Sipiorski

Food donations and preparation: Dennis and Darcy Gamble, Al and Sharon Bernette, Rich and Sharon Barker, Joe and LaCinda Terry, Ed Peck, Valerie Charneski

Ceanup: Stewart Doty, Kurt Sims and family, LaCinda Terry, Dennis and Darcy Gamble, Al Bernette,

8/19/08 - The Governor's Cup looks to be one of the best attended in years. 15 boats are already pre-registered and the forecast is looking great! Come out and sail or volunteer to help! Check out the race page and the race instructions for times, etc.

8/19/08 - The Tuesday evening series comes to an end with near perfect conditions and great participation. Check the race results page for season standings. If you feel some results are inaccurate, contact Joe Terry and he can review any questions.

GREAT RACING CONTINUES ON LAKE DUBAY. The club racing turnout has been outstanding lately. Check the racing page for results and short summaries.

6/29/08Joe and LaCinda Terry return from Carlyle Illinois and the Inland 20 Invitational representing the Lake DuBay Sailing Association with a 2nd place overall finish.

Saturday and Sunday were sailed in heavy air and the Terry's were in 1st place with 12 points followed closely by a tie for 2nd and 3rd with 13 points. A capsize by the Terry's in the last race on Sunday resulted in a tie for first place, with Joe and LaCinda losing the tie breaker.

Results are posted on the race page.

6/22/08 CONTRATULATIONS to Lake DuBay Sailors who are Champions for the Butterfly Single Handed Nationals

Joe Terry - 4th overall
Dennis Gamble - 5th overall
Calen Terry - 5th in the Junior Class.

6/22/08 The Butterfly Nationals is in the history books. With unprecedented efforts from club members and tremendous contributions from the event sponsors, this was a fantastic and unique event. News paper articles, TV news stories, radio spots, this event generated a new found interest in sailing and the Lake DuBay Sailing Association. WAY TO GO LAKE DUBAY SAILORS

A photo page will be put on line as soon as all the photographs have been compiled.

6/19/08 The Butterfly Single Handed championship pre-regatta events have begun. Check out the latest information on the Regatta Report page.

6/4/08 The club race season is underway! Results can be found on the race page.

5/29/08 The Sailing Instructions and Jim Young Clinic information is now available on the Butterfly Nationals Page. Check it out!

5/21/08 By Dennis Gamble: I attended my 4th consecutive Syttende Mai Regatta on Lake Kegonsa this past weekend. This year I crewed for Rich Barker on his I-20.

We were the first boat to arrive at the landing on Saturday morning, and had plenty of time to set up the boat, register, and eat some of the snacks provided by the Lake Kegonsa Sailing Club. Winds were fairly light on shore, but we could see the white caps out in the middle of the lake, and suspected the wind would build throughout the day -- and it did. READ MORE

5/14/08 The crew sign up sheet can be found on the Racing Page (top right). Please consider helping out on the committee boat. Contact Vice Commodore, LaCinda Terry to volunteer.

5/12/08 The Butterfly Single Handed Nationals is getting some great publicity thanks to Muzzy Broadcasting! Our own Valerie Charneski did a fabulous job working with the station and announcing the advertisement herself.

This 30 second spot will be played on all of Muzzy stations from now until Nationals.

Well done Valerie!

5/8/08 Joe and LaCinda represented the Lake DuBay Sailing Association well by winning the Indian Lake Regatta in Russell's Point Ohio on May 3rd and 4th.

Participants included sailors from 8 different states. The Terry's won by the slightest of margins with 7 points overall just ahead of a tie for 2nd and 3rd with 8 points.

Photos and video of the racing can be found HERE (The video's take a while to load - even with broadband)

A race article can be found HERE

4/28/08 Mark Ennis, professor extraordinary, hosted a race committee class at Saloon DuBay. All of the required components of performing race committee were reviewed. There was plenty of interest and quite a few of us will be giving RC a try for the first time this summer. THANKS MARK for putting together the handouts and teaching the class

4/14/08 Mark Ennis is hosting a race committee clinic. Have fun with your fellow club members learning how to set a race course, do the flag sequence, and record the race results. Meet at Saloon duBay, Sunday April 27, 1:00 PM


Multi-time Butterfly National Champion and Olympic Sailing Coach, Jim Young will be presenting a sailing clinic for Butterfly Sailors on Lake DuBay. The clinic will be on Thursday, June 19th and Friday, June 20th with the tune up race wrapping up the clinic. The cost is only $50.00. Contact Joe Terry to reserve your spot as attendance is limited!

If you want to attend just Thursday, or just Friday, the cost is $25.00

1/22/2008 A Butterfly Single Handed Nationals Page is now on-line. The notice of race and lodging info can also be found there. Other information is pending, so check in from time to time.

11/17/2007 Plans are underway for the 2008 Butterfly Single Handed National Championships! Stay tuned for details and a notice of race...

10/29/2007 Thanks to Chuck Jagodinski, photos are now available from the Governor's Cup Regatta! Check out the photos page...

10/2/2007 Joe and LaCinda Terry have returned from the I-20 National Championships in Carlyle Illinois. They sailed hard and ended up 13th overall after being ranked as high as 10th.

Joe was elected Commodore of the I-20 National Association for 2008 and 2009 and was presented the I-20 National Class' highest honor: The Outstanding Member award. This award is not given annualy, but when appropriate. The award is dedicated to the member who has encouraged and promoted excellence in sailing and provided outstanding service and dedication to the Inland 20 Sailing Association.

9/10/07The LDBSA club series is now complete after some fun racing on Saturday, September 15. Race results and season end results can be found on the racing page.

9/10/07 LDBSA sailors David Martin, Dennis Gamble, and Joe and LaCinda Terry competed at the LaCrosse Sailing Club's annual Fish Boil Regatta. Three races were sailed on a breezy Sunday afternoon. LDBSA sailors competed in the Board Boat fleet. Dennis finished 6th, David finished 5th, and Joe and LaCinda took top honors. Congratulations!

9/2/07 LDBSA sailors Richard Barker and Dennis Gamble along with Joe and LaCinda Terry sailed the Barnum Bay Yacht Club's annual Dam Race.

The conditions were nearly perfect, with winds around 10 to 15. The chop on Petenwell is intimidating - especially when the winds are out of the south west, but once everyone got on the water, boats sailed fast and everyone had a great time.

Rich and Dennis finished 2nd in the scow class and were 4th overall, and Joe and LaCinda finished 1st both in the scow class and were 1st overall.

The total fleet consisted of 15 boats. Good Sailing LDBSA!

After the racing, a wonderful chicken dinner was provided and enjoyed outside on a perfect Wisconsin late summer day.

Results are available on the Racing Page

8/21/07 Upcoming racing events include the Barnum Bay Dam Race (Labor Day Sunday, September 2) and the LaCrosse Fish Boil Regatta.

A number of LDBSA members are planning on attending both of these events. If you are interested and would like more details, contact Commodore, Joe Terry

8/21/07The Tuesday Series is complete. See the Race Page for complete results. There is still one Saturday race remaining to determine the Saturday Series champion and overall club champion.

8/19/07 Governor's Cup Regatta attracts sailors from Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota!

Thanks to the promotional efforts of David Martin, Joe Terry, and Rich Barker, sailors from Oshkosh, Appleton, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and Cedar Rapids, Iowa traveled to the shores of Lake DuBay to join LDBSA sailors for the 26th Annual Governor's Cup Regatta.

Overcast skies and 7 mph winds made for great sailing on Saturday as the sailors took to the water.

The first race was a modified windward with a downwind finish. The I-20's made it to the windward mark first, but Oshkosh's Lee McCann sailing a Butterfly wowed the fleet with amazing boat speed and was the 3rd boat around the windward mark and the 5th boat to finish. Lee won the race and took 3rd place overall.

John Spargo and Jim Brust from Cedar Rapids, Iowa dueled with Joe and LaCinda Terry of Lake DuBay the entire regatta in their I-20 scows with some incredibly close mark roundings and finishes to the delights of the race committee, crash boats, and spectators watching from the levy. Spargo and Brust took 2nd place honors overall and Joe and LaCinda Terry from LDBSA won the title for the fourth year in a row.

Barry Frisbie and Lee Roesch dominated in the Buccaneer class taking three bullets while the remaining Buccaneer sailors competed in some great racing. All but first place was anyone's race with only two points separating 2nd through 4th place.

The scow class racing was close overall as well. Two points separated 1st through 3rd place and 4th place was decided by a tie breaker looking back two races deep.

The daysailer class was small this year, but the competition was good. Stewart Doty and Philip Kramer sailed a Lightning hard and took 2nd place to Dennis and Darcy Gamble sailing a Flying Scot.

The regatta was rained out on Sunday, but sailors enjoyed stories and dock talk after disassembling boats and eating a great lunch.

A special thanks to the Race Committee, consisting of PRO, Mark Ennis, Stan Dale, Mike Koss, Chuck Jagodinski, and Jim Force.

Thanks also to everyone who participated. The Lake DuBay Sailing Association hopes you enjoyed the regatta and invites you to return next year.

Check the RACING page for detailed results and summaries. Photos will be posted as soon as they are available.

7/21/07 Calen and Joe Terry competed in the 2007 Butterfly Jr. National and Open National Championships on Crystal Lake in Frankfort, MI. This was both Calen and Joe's first Butterfly Regatta and Calen's first regatta at the helm without adult crew.

There were 63 boats sailing in the Junior Division. The winds were non existent the morning of day 1, but filled in nicely in the afternoon. Calen sailed a smart race and after a late start, moved up to the top half of the fleet for the majority of the race. On the last beat after getting into irons in traffic and in light air, Calen finished a respectable 54th place. The winds were heavy on day 2 and Calen choose to sail back to the docks after the starting gun due to heavy air and many capsizes by other boats. He finished 63rd out of 69 boats overall.

Congratulations on your first big regatta as skipper Calen!

Joe sailed in the open division and finished 27th out of 60 boats. The winds for the last two races were 25 to 30 with some extreme gusts nearing 40 mph. The capsizes were nothing short of spectacular, but there were only three known major equipment failures (broken mast or boom) in the entire regatta.

Photos can be found HERE and results will be posted on the racing page, right column.

7/14/07 The race season so far has been blown out or rained out, but that hasn't stopped LDBSA sailors from socializing and having a great time at the lake. Keep an eye on the calendar and come on down for events.

7/2/07 LDBSA was represented by Joe and LaCinda Terry at the ILYA I--20 Invitational Regatta. Sailors from five states sailed and the Terry's took home the victory. Read about it HERE

6/5/07 The race season is upon us! 7 boats participated in the first club race of the season and had a GREAT time. Be sure to watch the calendar and join in the fun.

5/20/07 While waiting for the results to be posted by the Lake Kegonsa Sailing Club, Joe and LaCinda Terry took top Portsmouth honors, finishing 1st place overall. Dennis Gamble finished a solid 7th overall, and Rich Barker elected to practice after strong winds made for challenging sailing conditions.

5/20/07 DuBay Sailors sail well at Syttende Mai regatta! Three sailing teams representing LDBSA sailed at the Syttende Mai regatta in Stoughton Wisconsin. The Norwegian new year was celebrated in fine fashion as LDBSA sailors sailed well. Check the RACING page for more information and soon to be posted results.

5/8/07 I-20 Spring Fling Regatta Results, Rich Barker and Joe and LaCinda Terry return from a very successful I-20 regatta. Results are posted HERE

Race Page updated

4/6/07 The race page has been updated for the upcoming season. A fresh look and layout has been incorporated in effort to improve the website. If there are particulars you'd like to see on the page, contact

Racing Rules Clinic

2/16/07 The racing rules clinic is complete! Sailors interested in racing now have a better understanding of the right of way rules. If you missed the training, the rules are available on line at U.S. Sailing. U.S. Sailing even has an on-line training course with a quiz. If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask a fellow club member.

2/16/07 The racing season is a few months away, but the Lake DuBay sailors are already thinking about an exciting upcoming race season!

A terrific race season is scheduled with Saturday and Tuesday evening races. Anyone is welcome to join in the fun and competition.

General News


A draft of the 2012 Sailing Calendar is now available for review. It will be discussed, revised as necessary, and approved at the December 10 meeting.



The first fall club meeting will take place on Saturday, November 12, 11:00 am at the ShipYard grill.


After a well attended fall banquet, the new slate of officers is:

Commodore: Mike Koss
Vice-Commodore: Joe Terry
Secretary-Treasurer: Dennis Gamble
Rear Commodore: Mark Ennis

The first meeting with the new board will be on Saturday, November 12, 2011 at the Shipyard Bar and Grill at 11:00 am. An agenda will be forthcoming.


Here are some world class sailors capsizing some really fast, really expensive AC42 catamarans I'm sure falling 10 feet into a rigid wing sail, then breaking through it falling another 20' into the water is NOT on my bucket list. Enjoy the carnage:


The poker run last weekend was a great success. The winds were blowing 10 to 15 and there was some really fast cruising going on. Picking cards off the buoys was challenging and required good communication between the skipper and card picker crew. The turnout was good, and everyone had a great time. Thanks Chuck for the organization.


The Governor's Cup Regatta takes place on Saturday, August 20th. It is our 30th annual regatta and has been an important part of the club's history. It is one of the few family-style regattas left in Wisconsin - a regatta at which anyone is encouraged to sail whatever boat they have, no matter their level of racing experience. Come out and support the event: either on or off the water!


For those of you who like racing, like scows, like fast boats, or just like looking at pretty spinnakers, you might enjoy this video of day 2 of the 2011 A-scow ILYA championship regatta. Enjoy!


From the Commodore:

I was on the Race Committee Boat last night for the Tuesday Open Class Races. A bit of a breeze, and some clouds blowing over. Good racing.

It didn’t start raining until we were almost back to the marina. And then the rain stopped. Lucky us.

A few observations on the mooring the Race Committee Boat:

Always make sure the motor is fully tilted up. If it isn’t tilted up, the Lake DuBay Green Gooey Grunge starts growing on the lower unit. That is not conducive to good lower unit operation.

When tying up, secure the boat so that there is very little slack in the mooring lines. The dock floats so there is no need for slack to account for water levels. Also, the distance from the bow to the dock should be about 1 ½ - 2 feet. The distance side to side should be equal. We don’t want the boat bouncing into the plastic docks causing damage that we would have to pay for.

You can gas up the boat at the marina. The gas dock is just a few feet east of our slip, at the ramp. Get a receipt and give it to Dennis Gamble for reimbursement.

Upcoming Events

The Moonlight Sail and Poker Cruise is coming up on July 15-16. Contact Chuck Jagodinski at 715-297-2791 (cell no.) or at for further information.

That’s it for now.

Think warm and sunny sailing weather.

Mark Ennis


From the Commodore:

Yup. I can now safely say that summer has arrived. It took its sweet time doing so, but better late than never. I for one am ready. Bring on the Sun Block (SPF 50).

June has a lot going on. There is something for everyone.

06/07 Tue. Open Racing
06/12 Sun. Open Racing
06/15 Wed. Jim Young Sailing Instruction
06/17 Fri. Jim Young Sailing Instruction
06/18 Sat. LDBSA/Long Lake Butterfly Regatta
06/21 Tue. Open Racing
06/23 Thu. Apostle Island Cruise
06/26 Sun. Apostle Island Cruise
06/29 Wed. One Design Racing

Just a few notes:
- Jim Young Sailing Instruction. You don’t have to attend all the sessions. Come when you can. Your smiling face and inquisitive mind will always be welcome. The price is right.
- Apostle Island Cruise. Always a good time, with experienced guides.
- LDBSA/Long Lake Butterfly Regatta. Time for you buttery fly jockeys to show your stuff. Bring the gold? back to LDBSA.
- Club Racing. A full schedule of Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday races scheduled.

Just some other stuff that needs mention. The Race Committee is always in need of manning and helpers. The Race committee boat is at the marina. Make sure that the grass is cut around you boat in the boat yard. Wash behind your ears, and brush your teeth before going to bead.

Think warm and sunny sailing weather.

Mark Ennis


Several club members set up their boats, mowed parts of the boat yard, and even went sailing. Some of the work was between the raindrops and some of the sailing was wet. Those that sailed didn't seem to mind the raindrops. (must have been a really long winter!)

It was great to see club members helping other club members and club members asking for help. We had a few new members working in the yard too. Jose set up his boat for the first time with the help of Dennis Gamble. Karen was taking photos and we all socialized with some dock talk.

There is always something special about your someone's first time sailing. I know I remember my first time on a sailboat and getting the opportunity to harness the power of the wind and make the boat go. Often times there are some great stories that are remembered and told about those first sailing adventures. Saturday, new club member Jose Rodriquez had his first opportunity and some adventure to go along with it. Lots of smiles (even in the rain) and he had a good coach in Dennis Gamble. Congratulations Jose! We hope to see you on the water frequently.


After the Spring Tune-up today, the club rented a slip for the committee boat at the Dubay Waters Marina. This is the marina right across from the Tiki Bar on Highway DB. This means that we will be able to keep the boat in the water all season. You no longer have to worry about towing the boat down to the landing and launching it. Just show up at Dubay Waters with your life jacket, and you should be set to go. Our hope is that this will make more members willing to help out with race committee. We will probably need to pull the boat out occasionally and spray it off to keep the bottom clean.
Additionally, since the race committee will be returning to Dubay Waters after each race session this season, the club officers would like to propose that we try to meet for a beer and bs session at the bar at Dubay Waters after each race. Jose Rodriquez and Dennis Gamble stopped there for a burger after their tune up sail and thought the burgers were great.


LDBSA is now linked to Facebook. David Martin created a Lake DuBay group for clulb members. If you have a Facebook account, you can request to join the group. We'll be trying to use Facebook as another means to encourage participation at events. You can RSVP to an event, comment, etc. If you need crew or want to be crew, this would be an excellent way to post this information.


Under the every watchful eye of Project Manager Jack “Staples” Thielke, fellow members of LDBSA replaced all the trailer bunks and guides; while Chuck “does a carpenter have hammers?” Jagodinski rewired and installed new lights on same trailer. Sheryl Thielke and Karen Lee did a bit of boat cleaning while we had it (RC Boat) off the trailer. Assistance was given by Mark “thumbs” Ennis and Dennis “one who sails in wet suit” Gamble.

Prior to our session last Saturday, Jack replaced the wheels, tires and bearings; and got a new Bimini top ready for the season.

After we finished up for the day we had a bit-o-lunch ably supplied and prepared by Sheryl.

I want to thank all who participated in this undertaking. If you feel left out there is still some work to do on the decking and deck covering, but that will have to wait until next year. That gives you almost a whole year to figure out how you can best lend a hand.


MAY 7 – At Jack and Sheryl Thielke’s home. “We are planning to continue work on the Race Committee boat and trailer on Saturday May 7th at 9:00 am at our home on Lake DuBay. The address is 2225 Hidden Cove Lane. If you need help finding it call my cell phone 715-432-2762.”
Bring your toolbox and your rain slicker.

MAY13 – At Michael’s Supper Club. Spring Banquet. RSVP Mark Ennis at by May 11.


Because fuel prices are up and some LDBSA'ers might hesitate taking a chance going to the lake, Stewart Doty and Joe Terry are trying to set up a twitter account for Lake DuBay Sailors. If you have a twitter account, follow DuBaySailors and info can be sent to your cell phone via text message. Joe's not a twitterer (?) so it might take some trial and error to get the links right on the website, but the goal is offer more opportunities to know what the club is up to.

If you have a twitter account, send a message to DuBaySailors and you can be added to the twitter list. Those on the list can see their posts displayed on the home page of the SailDuBay website.


While it was a cloudy day, there was a lot accomplished at the boat yard and cove on Saturday. John Volrath, Chuck Jagodinski, and Jack Thielke doned hip waders and wet suits, accompanied by several LDBSA members and put the docks in the cove

Then, the crew went to the boat yard to trim some brush that was starting to grow into the yard area. Great work!



A reminder: LDBSA members must renew their boat yard membership by April 1 in order to guarantee your spot.


LDBSA members are participating in a seasonal sleigh ride and picnic on 2/12/11. Stay tuned for photos.


2011 Membership forms are now on the Membership page. The forms are fillable PDF files. You can simply fill out and e-mail the membership form and send your check to Dennis via mail or drop it off at an upcoming club meeting. The boat yard use form will need a formal signature and needs to be on file with the club secretary prior to using the yard.


The January club meeting will take place at Saloon DuBay, Jan 8, 11:00 am.


Ed Peck, Joe and Calen Terry, and Dennis Gamble went ice boating on Lake Winnebago by Neenah on Sunday. The ice conditions were good and the winds were just right (10 with gusts around 15) for some really fun iceboating.


LaCinda, Joe, and Calen Terry tried some light air iceboating on Lake Winnebago out of Neenah on the 19th. Winds were between 4 and 6 with gusts around 8, which is really the absolute minimum on good ice to get going nice.

Boat speeds were up to approximately 30 mph in the sustained gusts, and after a few hours of sailing and watching some racing, everyone decided they were cold and it was time to head home.

Click the photo for some pictures of the lake and iceboats

Stern Steerer Iceboat


Saturday, 10/23 marked the "official" end of the 2010 sailing season with the removal of the dock in the cove and final cleanup of the boatyard.

The dock removal was led by Jack Thielke, along with John Volrath, Larry Sipiorski, Dennis and Isaac Gamble, Rich Barker, and Joe Terry. Removal took about 30 minutes and the dock sections are set up off the ground and will be ready for spring.

Following the dock removal, everyone headed to the yard and helped take masts down.

As the last boat was packing up, Dennis took down the storage cabinet and took home the lawn mower. Joe mowed the yard one last time for the season and graded the driveway. There was some mist and rain, and as Joe finished up, Dennis's son Isaac helped load the mower and tie it down.

Thanks everyone for helping out!


With the fall banquet, the sailing season is unofficially over. The attendance at the banquet was outstanding, and sailors stayed fairly late talking about fun sailing stories.

The boat yard closes on Saturday, October 23. PLEASE have your boat removed from the yard by the end of the day on the 23rd.

The dock in the cove will be removed Saturday morning, October 23, 2010 at 9:30. It doesn't take very long, but we need 4 to 6 volunteers. Contact Jack Thielke or the webmaster if you can help.

2010/2011 officers were elected at the fall banquet. Our slate of officers are:
Commodore: Mark Ennis
Vice Commodore: Joe Terry
Secretary/Treasurer: Dennis Gamble


John Volrath has posted some sailing video from the August 28th club race. Check out the Video page to watch.


Jim Force attended a classic Lightning event. Here is his story:

A Trip to the Finger Lakes (by Jim Force)

The 2010 Finger Lakes Boating Museum’s wooden boat show and regatta drew 16 classic Lightnings and a half dozen woody Snipes to Geneva, N.Y., July 24-25. And the Lake DuBay Sailing Association was represented as we towed our Jabberwock (Lightning 6039, built in 1955) to the event – 2,000 miles roundtrip, on the nose.

I had been eyeing this event for several years, but only when my younger brother retired from his forestry career in the UP this spring did I have someone with enough time to make the trip and sail with me. We left on Wednesday, July 21, traveling over the Mackinac Bridge, down through Port Huron, across southern Ontario, and into New York state at Buffalo. Going through Chicago might have been shorter, but we didn’t even want to see an Illinois driver, let along spend time dodging idiots and sitting in lines on the Chicago area expressways.

The Museum’s site on the north end of Lake Seneca is magnificent—a long grassy park that’s been saved from development, and a serviceable double launching ramp with several docking bays. Formed by the glaciers, the lake is 2-3 miles wide and 40 miles long. It’s 1,000 feet deep in places and hosts a healthy lake trout population.

Weather was “iffy,” with gusts to 25 during the “fun” races on Saturday. Ultra-traditionalists, we don’t carry a vang and haven’t installed a traveler yet on the main sheet, so we had trouble keep her flat in that kind of air, and finished toward the end of the pack.  Also, there are no “fun” races in the Lightning Class. Some of these guys were dead serious, and even though their hulls were wood, they had added all the latest bells and whistles.

But it was enjoyable, especially Sunday when the wind settled down at 5-10 under gray skies. We day-sailed for several hours with some of the other boats—including the Snipes and the local Star fleet.

Another treat were the dozens of visitors who came around to view the boats and chat. Our bright orange paint job and freshly varnished interior drew a fair amount of praise, although one woman admonished me for my dinged up centerboard. I guess I’ll have to pull and refinish that next winter!

At the Saturday night dinner, we received nice half-model plaques of a Lightning, and we won the long distance award; most of the other participants were from the New York area and the East Coast.

Special thanks to Stewart Doty for letting us use his trailing cover and his advice to shrink wrap the mast to keep the lines from flapping. And to Ron Meyer Marina for a nice job getting our trailer ready to go.  The rig trailed perfectly behind my brother’s F-150 and we averaged 60-65 mph the whole way.


Jim Young leads Calen Terry in their search for more wind. That wall cloud will do nicely! Click on the picture for the full resolution version. Thanks John Volrath for the photos.


John Volrath took a few photos of the Wednesday evening racing. Take a look at the photo page to see the interesting weather and sailing fun.


Our first sailing event of the season is now in the books. This morning was our Spring Tune-up sail. We had four boats show up to sail. Joe and Calen Terry were there in their I-20 along with new Association member Jill Kapla . Chuck Jagodinski had his Weekender 18 out as well. Chuck had a number of Boy Scouts in his boat. I believe they were working toward earning their sailing merit badges. Jack and Sheryl Thielke came out in their Buccaneer, and Ed Peck and crew were there with his Laser. Manning the committee boat were myself, Rich Barker, and a couple of family members of the scouts -- mom Michelle and sister Kara by name. We managed to get off 3 1 lap practice races. The winds were very shifty today ( how unusual ;-) ). Rich and I reset the starting gate a couple of times in an attempt to keep the line somewhat square to the wind, but eventually gave up and waited for the wind to come back to us -- which was somewhat successful. Congratulations to Chuck and the scouts for improving each race. They were only 12 seconds out of second place the last race, after finishing over 10 minutes back in the first. That's quite an improvement.

My 3 year old son Isaac decided he wanted to race instead of watching from the committee boat. So he jumped on Joe's boat and sailed the last two races on the I-20. He looked pretty comfortable out there I must say. At one point he went past standing on the rail with one hand around the port shroud like he didn't have a care in the world. Warmed my heart to see it. Then he jumped in Chuck's boat for a while as well. He really wanted to ride in the yellow Laser as well, but we just ran out of time.

The committee boat ran well. The throttle cables have been fixed, so it shifts nice and smooth. It just needs a good cleaning now, and for someone to go through it with a couple of screwdrivers and tighten up all of the loose fittings. We'll try to get that done before the first race in June.
After Rich and I got the committee boat put away, I did a little mowing. The yard is looking pretty good by the way. Thank you all for keeping your slips looking neat and clean.
After all of that hard work, we decided we needed some ice cream. So Rich Barker led us on his new motorcycle (Yamaha V-Star I believe) back to Mosinee, where we enjoyed some frozen treats at the Briqs Drive-in. A very pleasant ending to a very pleasant day I think.

Our next scheduled event is the first Tuesday evening race on June 1. Racing will begin at 6 PM. Looks like Kurt and Melissa Sims have the race committee duties.
Hope to see you all there.

LDBSA Secretary/Treasurer


Spring is here and the BOAT YARD IS OPEN! There are several boats already in the yard and some folks are already taking care of their "lawn".

Also exciting was seeing Ed Peck ripping it up in a pretty good breeze. He was giving his laser quite a workout!


After another well attended club meeting, we now have the Governor's Cup notice of race and sailing instructions published on the web site and a number of volunteers have stepped forward to sign up for race committee duties.


Club business in the form of meeting minutes are now posted on the web site. The minutes are in .pdf format and are encrypted, so a password is needed. If you are a member in good standing and need the password, contact the webmaster.


The America's Cup comes back home! After an exciting windward leg in the 2nd race, the USA boat pulled ahead right at the windward mark and extended significantly on the first downwind reach of the triangle 1 course. With boat speed exceeding 32 knots in 10 mph breeze these yachts, extreme in every way, approach the performance of ice boats. Dominating the downwind, the USA boat finishes the 2nd race 5:16 ahead of the Swiss boat after a 15+ minute victory on Friday.

The next America's Cup will take place off the shores of California, and after the politics and debate, it'll be interesting to see what types of boats will be sailed and the format of the regatta.


The America's Cup regatta is now underway. After years of lawsuits, this regatta is unusually different than any other America's Cup regatta. There is no challenge regatta - just two boats sailing, and both are multi-hulls: The defender, Baling from Switzerland and BMW Oracle from the USA. The boats are technologically fantastic, with upwind speeds over 20 knots in a 6 knot breeze over 25 knots downwind. Their performance rivals ice boats in these conditions!

After race 1, the USA boat completely dominated in performance over the race course. Sailing higher and faster, they made up a 600m deficit at the start to finish 3000m ahead. They were faster at every point of sail and were able to sail higher upwind and lower going downwind. Unless USA breaks and cannot be repaired, it's looking like this is the most expensive no-contest regatta ever.

The video has been exciting to watch. Replays can be found on (if you are lucky enough to have the right internet provider) or


A new link has been put on the links page. For current and future wind predictions, WIND is easy to use and comprehensive 6 days out at a single glance. Check it out!


With complete reconstruction of the front half of the "LaCinda Mae" , Joe and Calen Terry raced at the Northeast Ice Yacht Association regatta. This event was first raced in 1913 and is held in Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin, depending on ice conditions.

Sailors from as far away as New Jersey attended and sailed in several classes. One Design classes included the DN and Renegade class. Skeeter classes included A, B, C, D and E class skeeters.

The old stern steerers have been making comeback. All classes, A, B, C,and D class stern steerers attended. The world's largest iceboat, the "Duce", was there and was quite an attraction.

There was little to no wind on Friday, and only the DN class got a race in. The wind on Saturday was light (around 5). There were 13 stern steerers registered, but only 4 took to the line for two reasons: The air was too light for many of the boats, and a large heave on the lake made it difficult for late coming boats to get to the race area. Two races were sailed on Saturday and Joe and Calen got their workout in having to push several times during the race.

The wind filled in to about 10 with gusts around 13 on Sunday. Some of the boats didn't come out and the stern steerers class had 8 boats on the line. Joe and Calen had top speeds recorded of just over 50 mph in winds of 10 to 13!

Joe and Calen sailed fair for their first regatta, but because they were able to complete every race, their results were excellent.

Overall, Stern Steerer, Joe and Calen finished 8, 4, 6, 7 for a 4th Place overall. In the D class, Joe and Calen finished 2, 1, 1, 2 to win the class.

The D class trophy was first awarded in 1950, and is a beautiful silver bowl on a granite, then wooden pedestal.

Part of the excitement also included the "bubble boats", the super streamlined E-class skeeters:

The Wisconsin Stern Steerer Association regatta is tentatively called for February 6 & 7 likely somewhere on lake Winnebago. If anyone is interested in seeing these old majestic ice boats, check for details.


The Terry family has ventured into old school ice boating. The stern steerer pictured is a mix of an early 1900's B-class stern steer hull mated with a 1940's-50's E-class skeeter rig. The performance is predictable and pretty fast (45 mph in winds 9-13). Unfortunately, a mishap has resulted in hull failure and the boat back in the shop for major repairs. Hopefully we'll see the boat on the ice again yet this year!

The Terry's stern steer ice boat


The December club meeting will take place at the Terry residence in Port Edwards. After club business, there will be discussion on the racing rules of sailing for 2009-2012.

BBQ will be provided. Bring a side dish if you like.

PLEASE RSVP so the Terry's know how much BBQ to make (715-887-3020)


2008 News has been moved to the news archive pages. See the link at the top of this page for the archives.


The fall banquet was a huge success with a near record turnout!

As customary, the special awards were given:

The Dedicated DuBayer for 2009 was Dennis Gamble. Dennis was recognized for his dedication as Secretary/Treasurer, overseeing the boat yard, participation in club events, and overall presence. Congratulations!

The Outstanding Crew award was earned by LaCinda Terry. LaCinda crewed with her husband Joe for a 2nd place finish at the I-20 spring regatta, 1st place for the Tuesday series, 1st place for the Saturday series, and 3rd place at the I-20 National Championships.

Saturday series trophies were as follows:
1st: Joe/LaCinda Terry
2nd: Dennis Gamble
3rd: Stewart Doty

Tuesday series trophies were as follows:
1st: Joe/LaCinda Terry
2nd: Calen Terry
3rd: Dennis Gamble

Overall season trophies were as follows:
1st: Joe/LaCinda Terry
2nd: Dennis Gamble
3rd: Calen Terry

Butterfly season trophies were sponsored by Northern Lake Sailboats
1st: Joe Terry
2nd: Dennis Gamble
3rd: Ed Peck



Additionally, NEW OFFICERS were elected for the 2010 season. We have a new Commodore and Vice Commodore this year.

Congratulations Rich Barker for being elected Commodore, Valerie Charneski for being elected Vice Commodore, and Dennis Gamble for being elected Secretary/Treasurer.


Happy Independence Day!
The race committee boat is now ready to go. After a few long days of cleaning and making minor modifications, adding anchors, places for committee flags, setting up a horn, cleats, dock lines, etc. the boat looks great and should serve the needs of the club for years to come.

See the photos page for some pictures of the boat all cleaned up and ready to go.



The club officers met at Badger Marine this evening and took the pontoon boat for a test ride. The boat runs good and performs very well. The square pontoons keep the boat from slipping and at all speeds the boat handles very nicely.

The officers discussed the boat and made the decision to make the purchase. David, LaCinda, and Joe Terry hooked it up to LaCinda's and Joe's jeep and took it back to Lake Nepco to spend some time getting to know the boat. After about a 1/2 hour ride, they were pleased that they felt they made the right decision. The jeep pulled the boat out of the water easily in 2 wheel drive, so most club members vehicles should be able to launch and recover the boat.

The boat is now at the Terry family shop where Northern Lake Sailboats will do some cleanup and ready the boat for committee duty.

Please note that the trailer has a 2" ball hitch.

Look for it in the boat yard soon!


After considerable discussion, the replacement committee boat has been narrowed down to a 21' pontoon boat. This boat is on a double axle trailer, has a bimini as well as a mooring cover and will accommodate 12 spectators and the race markers. It is being serviced by Badger Marine in Wisconsin Rapids and when it is ready, it will be launched and tested prior to purchase. The boat fits the criteria the committee boat selection committee was given (although the engine is more powerful than specified) and hopefully it will be a great platform to officiate a race on as well as enjoy roomy comfort for those who would like to come out and watch sailing.

Committee boat 1


Committee Boat 3

Committee Boat 2


We held our annual Tune-Up sail on Saturday and had a real nice turnout. I had the race committee duty and showed up about 9:30. After helping Mark Ennis step the mast on his J-Sailor in the yard, I took the committee boat down to the landing where I met Amy Mielke, who was getting her Butterfly ready to sail. Ed Peck was at the landing with his MC Scow, as well as Jack and Sheryl Thielke with their Buccaneer. I set a shortish course in the bay by the East Landing and sat back to wait for some sailboats to arrive. (Incidentally, the committee boat fired right up on the first turn of the key and ran well all day. The throttle control is still a bit touchy though.) Conditions for napping were excellent. There was a steady 5 knot breeze blowing from the southwest with high cloud cover to keep the sun from getting too hot. The power boat traffic was also surprisingly light for a Memorial Day weekend. Just a few fisherman and pontoon boats out there.

The first practice race started at 12:20. We did two additional practice races after that. I believe we went from 6 to 5 to 4 boats in the racing. Participants were: Joe and Calen Terry in their Butterflies, Jack & Sheryl Thielke in their Buccaneer, Mark Ennis in his J-Sailor, Stewart Doty single-handing his Lightning, Ed Peck in his MC Scow. Chuck Jagodinski even got in on the last race with his Johnson Weekender and did quite well. I believe he was second to the mark on the first windward leg. Joe and Calen had some nice head to head battles in their Butterflies, while Stewart had a very nice second race -- leading the fleet by about a minute and a half throughout the race. Also present, but not racing, were Mel Smith in his J-Sailor and Stanley Dale in his Catalina 22. Thomas Ralph was also out in his West Wight Potter. The Sims took their new M-17 scow out for a test run with the help of Rich Barker. When I took the committee boat back to the yard, Mark Ennis was busily engaged in mowing the yard. Thanks Mark! (Incidentally -- YOU are responsible for keeping your own slip mowed -- and it's starting to look a bit ragged out there -- there is a mower available at the yard). I also ran into Tomasz Okon, who was preparing to step the mast on the Paceship 23 he purchased from Joe Terry. Hopefully the Okons will get more opportunities to sail their new boat with us this year.

Well, I guess that's about it. Turned out to be a real nice day. I can't wait to get out in my own boat now. Our first race will be on Tuesday, June 2, starting at 6PM. I hope to see a whole bunch of you guys out there.

Have a great Memorial Day. And don't forget to take a few moments today to remember all of the men and women who have served our country the past 233 years.

-Dennis Gamble


The photo page has been refined and updated. Be patient the first time it loads, and enjoy the pictures. If you have photos you'd like to see on the photos page, please e-mail the webmaster. ENJOY!


The Lake DuBay group on the yahoo groups pages is now listed on the links page. Join the group and use it to send messages to all of your LDBSA friends.


Joe Terry spent some time on the ice and had the opportunity to sail in no less than 6 different types of ice boats. This LINK is to a five minute You-Tube video Joe made of a fun ride in a stern steer iceboat, the Wisconsin.

Pictured above is the Rosemary IV, a D-class stern steer. Pictured below is the Wisconsin. Joe says, "We were sailing in about three inches of hard pack on the Rosemary. The boat never got comfortable fighting through the snow, but we were flying along nonetheless doing just about 65 mph when Andy bore off in a 30 mph puff. The rig loaded up and the boat spun out. All I saw was snow for about three seconds, and we coasted to a stop in reverse. Needless to say, it was a life changing experience - and a shorts changing one too."

Wisconsin Iceboat


The website is being edited and revised using new web design software. If you observe problems, please contact the webmaster. Your patience during the transition is appreciated.

Do you remember bloopers? The sailing kind?
A great sailing documentary has been found from the 1980's and re-introduced on You Tube. It is about 30 minutes total, and in three segments. If you have high speed internet and love sailing and/or big boat racing, you owe it to yourself to check it out:

Hall of Fame Regatta, Part 1
Hall of Fame Regatta, Part 2
Hall of Fame Regatta, Part 3


To keep the news page loading reasonably quickly, older news has now been archived. Just click "Archive" at the top of the page.



Dennis Gamble joined Calen, Tristin, and Joe Terry for a fun day of ice boating on the Petenwell flowage off of Barnum Bay.

The winds started out light, but the kids had some fun anyway. About 11:30, Dennis arrived and upon getting his boat set up, the winds picked up nicely to about 10 to 15.

Everyone was having a great time up until the point Dennis's mast broke. Even then, everyone shared the one ice boat and had great fun zipping around. Tristin carved corners like she was on rails, and Joe, Calen, and Dennis tried for high speed competition with a GPS in the boat.

Joe started off his high speed run with a 15.4 mph top speed in winds around 10 mph. Dennis bettered that to 30.2 mph as the winds increased to about 12 to 14 mph in the gusts. Calen sneaked ahead with a 30.3 mph run which Joe just couldn't best, but Dennis ended the day with a best of 30.6 mph in winds just over 10 mph.

With the day ending, the boats were packed up. After the snow, there may not be another good day for ice boating in Central Wisconsin, but one good day is better than none!


With the season closure of the boat yard on October 21, many members are requesting 2009 membership forms to save their spot in the yard. Those forms are now available on the MEMBERSHIP page. An up-to-date map of available spots can be found on the BOATYARD page or by directly clicking HERE. Those who had spots in 2008 will have first choice to retain their spots until May, 2009 after which lots are issued to the first paid membership waiting in line for a spot.

Contact one of your officers if you have any questions.


A quicktime streaming video like what was shown at the banquet is now posted. Click HERE to view this 30 minute show.


There was a wonderful attendance at the fall banquet on October 18th at the Pinewood Supper Club. LDBSA would like to thank the Pinewood for allowing us to use their banquet room and for their hospitality.

The meal was wonderful and everyone had a great time telling sailing stories and reflecting on a really good season.

Commodore David Martin spoke about the success of the 2008 season and Vice Commodore LaCinda Terry recognized the efforts club members made to make our club events successful. Secretary-Treasurer Dennis Gamble gave a financial report, and the club is doing great financially.

The election of officers solidified the clubs confidence in the current officers with a unanimous vote to elect the three of them for another term.

Season end award winners were honored with plaques and traveling trophies. The 2008 award winners are as follows:

Outstanding Crew Award: Ivan Charneski
Ivan earned the award because of his desire to get out any time and sail, for all of the boats Ivan has crewed upon this year, and learning quickly and doing a great job as crew.
Dedicated Lake DuBayer: Valerie Charneski
Valerie made the primary effort to draw sponsorship for the Butterfly National event, took care of the clothing for the Butterfly Nationals and the Governor's Cup Regatta, started her own fleet (so can we call her "Commodore Charneski"?), has worked had to improve her sailing skills, and has made a wonderful influence on other club members.
Club Champion: Joe and LaCinda Terry
Joe and LaCinda finished first overall, second in the Saturday Series, and First in the Tuesday Series
2nd Overall: Dennis Gamble
Dennis finished second overall, first in the Saturday Series, and 2nd in the Tuesday Series
3rd Overall: Mel Smith
Mel finished third overall, and third in the Saturday Series
3rd Tuesday Series: Calen Terry
Calen finished third in the Tuesday Series and is the first Junior sailor in LDBSA history to earn a season end overall place award

8/05/08 Lake Drawdown Report:

There may be some fluctuation of water levels in Lake DuBay soon, but not significant enough to change any sailing plans. The significant drawdown will take place downstream of the DuBay dam between the dam and Stevens Point.

Linked here is an information flyer describing the work and drawdown areas.

5/25/08 Tune up report, by Dennis Gamble:

We had a very nice turnout for the tune-up today. Brian Marks showed up with his waders and helped put the dock back in the cove. Stewart Doty and Mike Koss were also there, helping with the dock, and doing some work on their boats. After putting one dock back in the cove, and making some adjustments on the committee boat, we hit the water for a shake-down cruise about 11:30. Winds were shifty, with some gusts up to 15 now and then. Boats I remember being there, were Joe Terry and family with their brand new Butterfly, Jack and Sheryl Thielke in their Buccaneer, Mel Smith and guest Karen Lee on Mel's J-Sailor, Chuck Jagodinski with his Johnson Weekender, Valerie Charneski and friend in her Flying Junior, and Rich Barker with Amy Mielke in his I-20. Mark Ennis was also there with his J-Sailor, but I'm not sure if he splashed it or not.

I was sailing my Butterfly and kicked off my sailing season with a very nice snap jibe and atomic capsize. I didn't see a score from the judges, but it felt like I had some pretty good air time. Luckily I had just enough board down to pull her back up before she turtled. The water was not as cold as I expected it to be, but I would still recommend that people try to stay IN their boats until some time in mid June.

A few of us did some practice starts, with the Terry family handling committee duties. Wind speeds continued to rise, (and I was a little cold from my swim) so after a couple of hours of sailing, we all headed in and were off the water by about 2:00. We gathered for a little while back at the yard, where I shared a delicious PB&J sandwich with the Terrys. Terry and Shirley Schroeder showed up a bit later to set up their Flying Scot and put it in their new slip. Ed Peck also showed up later to put his MC in the yard.

All in all, it turned out to be a pretty nice day of sailing. I'm really looking forward to that first race on Tuesday, June 3. Don't to forget to bring your mosquito repellent. The mosquitoes seem to be more plentiful than usual this year.

5/12/08 The Notice of Race, Registration, and sailing instructions have been posted for the 27th Annual Governor's Cup Regatta on the RACING page

4/28/08 The Boat Yard Page has been updated to include a BOAT YARD MAP. The map will be updated as often as reasonably possible.

4/28/08 The boat yard work went very well. We had a good turnout of hard workers and the job was done in only a few hours.

Please note that the steel markers in the yard have been changed to fiberglass with numbers. The fiberglass will not damage the boats should they bump into them. It may take a little while to adjust to the numbers rather than the names, but please give it a try.

4/14/08 There was a great turnout at the April meeting at the Stage Stop in Mosinee. Thanks to everyone who came and enjoyed each other's company!

4/14/08 A Boat Yard work day is scheduled for Sunday, April 27th, beginning at 9:00 am. Bring a rake, small chain saw, wheel barrow, etc. and help get the yard in pristine condition for spring!

3/09/2008 Due to financial constraints, long time club member, Stan Dale has indicated that he can no longer able to be yard master or work as race committee has resigned his membership from the club.

Thanks for all you have done for the club, Stan. You're always welcome back if your situation changes.

The BOAT YARD contact is now secretary/treasurer Dennis Gamble. Individual members are responsible for mowing their own slips and can contact Dennis with any yard questions.

2/10/2008 The Membership page of the website has been updated to include the 2008 membership forms and hold harmless agreements for boat yard use.

Please note that while the yard was not full for 2007, space is limited. The current policy approved at the March 2007 Board meeting states:

Slips will be allocated on a yearly basis with the previous years renters having first chance to reserve a slip.  Previous years renters must make payment by April 15 in order to reserve their slips.  After that date, their slips will be made available to members on the waiting list.

2/5/2008 LDBSA was represented at Strictly Sail in Chicago from Thursday, July 31 through Sunday February 3. Promotion for the Butterfly Nationals was displayed at the Butterfly One Design booth

and Joe and LaCinda's bright orange I-20 was the boat on display for the National Inland 20 Scow Sailing Association.


11/17/2007 The club calendar has been updated with 2008 events. Cruising events are still desired, so if you'd like to plan any event, let an Officer know and let's get it on the calendar!

10/29/2007 The boat yard is now cleaned up and will be closed on October 31. The yard will be "lonely" until spring!

10/18/2007 We now have an updated calendar page. For all of you iMac folks, you can click "subscribe" and keep your desktop calendar up to date with all of the LDBSA upcoming events. If you can import an iCal into your calendar program, you can do that too. Click if you'd like INSTRUCTIONS.

For basic use, the calendar shows up nicely on this website and you can choose between day, month, year, etc. for a view. It will be updated the minute I can update the calendar on my desktop. ENJOY! -web guy joe.

10/12/2007 With a great turnout at the fall banquet, the new season officially starts. We have a new slate of officers steering the ship with great experience. Our 2008 Commodore is David Martin. The Vice Commodore is LaCinda Terry. The Secretary-Treasurer is Dennis Gamble. Thank you for volunteering your time and energy towards the future success of the Lake DuBay Sailing Association!

Site for the 2008 National Butterfly Single Handed Championships Awarded! The site: LAKE DUBAY!

7/21/07 Upon approval of the LDBSA Board of Directors and after placing a bid with the National Butterfly Sailing Association in early July, Lake DuBay Sailing Association has been awarded the bid and will host the 2008 Butterfly Single Handed National Championships. The regatta will be a two day regatta and will take place on either Friday, June 20 and Saturday, June 21 or Saturday June 21 and Sunday June 22, 2008.

This will be the 2nd National Championship Lake DuBay will have hosted in 10 years.

This is an excellent opportunity for our club and we will need plenty of help, so mark your calendars now!

National Butterfly sailing events used to be concentrated in Wisconsin and Michigan and have not been in Wisconsin for years. The Jr. Nationals and Open Nationals will be held in Michigan at Torch Lake and the Single handed Nationals in Wisconsin here at Lake DuBay. This is a great opportunity for Butterfly sailors around the State to enjoy the return of a National class Butterfly event in our own home waters!

This will also be a great opportunity for LDBSA promotion and to further encourage sailing and racing on Lake DuBay.

7/4/07 Is it real or is it Photoshop?

The Boat is an O'day 25 owned by Jeff Reabe. Jeff has won more regattas with that O'day than most people have sailed. So, is it really in the back yard swimming pool?

Or is the photo a hoax...

Click HERE for the rest of the story...

6/16/07 The Sailing Season is underway! Tuesday evenings are open sailing day - come out and enjoy the evenings with fellow sailors.

6/3/07 The tune up event was washed out due to rain, but several LDBSA sailors waited out the rain to enjoy a nice afternoon of sailing!

5/20/07 There was a great turnout for the Spring Banquet. There were a lot of new faces and excitement for the 2007 sailing season. Thanks for coming everyone!

4/26/07 LDBSA sailors start the sailing season early on Lake DuBay! Previous club member, Dale Schultz and new I-20 owner, Rich and Sharon Barker hit the water on Monday, April 23.

The winds were blowing during the day, but dropped to a nice 10 mph for the late afternoon evening. Rich's I-20 was up on plane a few times and Dale's newly purchased O-day 20 looked nice under colorful spinnaker.

The water levels are up, but as of the 23rd, the docks are not yet in. The water is around 60 degrees, so it'd advised to sail with a buddy and BE CAREFUL.

LDBSA sailor opens Sailboat Business

4/13/07 Joe and LaCinda Terry have opened a new business called Northern Lake Sailboats. What does that mean for LSBSA members? They are offering discounts to LDBSA members on West Marine products and on any other purchases as well. They also are official Butterfly and Barnett 1400 dealers.

Boat Yard Work Complete

3/26/07 Thanks to teamwork from help from 14 club members, the dead red oak and some other necessary trimming is now complete. Work went quickly and was done well before noon. It was great to see so many volunteers come out to get the job done!

Boat Yard News

3/26/07 The Boat Yard Zoning has formally been approved! After two years of working with Portage County, the verdict is in and the Boat yard is in compliance with the conservancy zoning.

Some County regulations will mean some changes of and establishing some additional boat yard rules. Check here for updates.

In the meantime, if you had a spot last year and wish to renew your membership and retain a spot in the yard, you will need to get your membership applications and yard agreement to the Secretary postmarked no later than April 15. After that date, anyone on the waiting list will be assigned yard space based on their application dates.

Web Page Update

2/17/07 The news page layout has been updated. In the tradition of the Lake DuBay Sailor printed newsletter, now a web page bearing the same name!

A links page has been added. If there are useful sailing links you would like to add, please send the link and category it belongs to the webmaster.


The 2007 LDBSA membership drive is underway. Click the member section of this web site for Membership forms and Boat Yard hold harmless agreements (if you wish to use the yard)

Cruising News


Two boats from LDBSA attended the Apostle Island Cruise. Mike Koss and Chuck Jagodinski sailing a Catalina 22 and Larry Sipiorski and John Volrath on a Macgregor 19. Looks like there was light air, comfortable temperatures, and LOTS of fun!

Photos and video links are on the photo page.


JUNE 23-26 – Apostle Islands Cruise. Announcing the 2011 Apostle Islands Cruise! Plan to join your intrepid guides, Chuck Jagodinski and Mike Koss, for 4 relaxing adventure-filled days in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Plan to depart Buffalo Bay Harbor (Just North of Bayfield, WI) on the afternoon of June 23rd, 2011. Parking is available for $5.00 per day ($20.00/4 day trip total.)

We will plan to spend the first night slipped into Schooner Bay marina (about 3-4 miles north of Buffalo Bay) Plan on around $25.00/day to tie up. This is a relaxing way to ease into "island time", without having to sail too far on the first afternoon, plus showers/restrooms are available. Bayfield is a short sail south, with some really good restaurants.

On Friday morning, we will look at the weather, and plan to go where the wind lets us. Most of the islands have anchorages that are protected from a given direction, and care is taken in selecting the safest place to spend the night, depending on forecast wind direction, and always with a plan "b" in case unexpected wind shifts occur. While the lake weather can be unpredictable, and must always be given a lot of respect, a sheltered anchorage is never very far away. Rafting up for a while for Cocktail hour and dinner is always fun.

If you have access to a dingy that you can tow behind your boat, that's very handy to have, but not a necessity. If we anchor out near any of the Park Service Docks, pit toilets are always available near the docks.

We try to plan the cruise so that we are not too far away from Buffalo bay on Saturday Night- a favorite spot is one of the three anchorages at Stockton Island, which also has some very scenic beaches and hiking trails, and a very nice visitor’s center. We generally make it back to Buffalo Bay by mid-afternoon on Sunday, leaving plenty of time to load up for the trip back to Central Wisconsin.

Camping is available with a permit from the National Park Service, but "bear" in mind that all of the islands boast healthy bear populations. Staying on a boat is a lot easier, you can go where the wind lets you, and you don't need any permits!

The weather will be cool at night, and may get quite warm during the day. Rain gear is a must, as is warm clothing.

As for the size of boat needed for this kind of sailing, that is almost immaterial- seaworthiness is a lot more important than size. A well kept Potter 15 may be more suitable than a poorly-maintained 40 foot harbor queen, in terms of safety, if not comfort. If the boat is well-maintained, is decked over, self-righting, and has sleeping accommodations of some sort, that's really all you need. The coast guard considers the Great Lakes as coastal waters, therefore requiring suitable safety gear, such as flares and VHF radio communications. Most of the Apostles are not in cell phone coverage.

It works well to pick up provisions in Washburn from the IGA on HWY 13, so that ice is pretty fresh when we launch.

I will make slip reservations at Schooner Bay a week or so before the trip, so I will need a firm boat-count by June 13th.

I hope to see you all there!

Mike Koss []


Today was our annual Poker Cruise. Chuck had his newly improved buoys out on the lake and ready to go by 11 AM or so. We spent a little time discussing the weather in the parking lot, and then hit the water around noon. I went out in my Butterfly. Chuck sailed in his Weekender 18 along with some friends. Larry Sipiorski, his wife, and Rich Barker went out in Larry's MacGregor 19. Mike Koss was there with his Catalina 22. I think he was sailing with his sister and brother-in-law today. Jack and Sheryl Thielke took their Buccaneer out as well.

The lake looked a bit angry at the start with winds blowing a steady 15 mph out of the West and gusts to 25. My outhaul managed to come undone after about 10 minutes of beating into the wind, so I had to drop my sail and do some on the water repairs. I came through that unscathed -- and unbathed -- tacked right and headed up the channel for the first buoy. The winds did moderate a bit after the start, and the chop was much smaller farther up the lake, which made the sailing a little more enjoyable and much drier. I was able to get up on a plane on a close reach for the ride from the second to the 3 marker, which made for an exciting ride. Don't think I've ever had my Butterfly, or any other boat for that matter, up on plane that long before. I sailed up to and touched the highway bridge, and then turned around for home. More planing on the downwind run, so I made good time back to the landing. I did manage to tear a batten pocket on my sail though. So I'll need to get out the sail needle and thread before Wednesday nights race.

We reconvened at Saloon Dubay after all our gear was safely stowed away, and had a fine dinner and gift exchange. A pair of 3s was the best poker hand. I think Mike Koss had that. All I had was a single king, which netted me a large canister of deluxe mixed nuts and a lottery ticket. Unfortunately it was not the winning ticket. Well, there's always next year.

Many thanks to Chuck Jagodinski for organizing this event again this year. And thank you to all who came out and sailed today.


The Apostle Island cruise for 2010 has been tentatively set for Thursday evening, July 29 through Sunday August 1, 2010. Check the cruising page for further details. Contact a club officer or Mike Koss if you're interested in joining in, wish to crew, need crew, etc. If you have not sailed the Apostle Islands, joining a fleet provides safety in numbers. The 2009 Door County cruise was great fun for new cruising sailors and experienced alike, so clear your calendar and get your boat ready!



Jim Force took a fantastic cruise on the Lewis R. French. A story about the adventure is on the CRUISING page. What a great woodie!


The Poker Cruise was a great success with six boats attending.
Participating were:

Russ and Tammy Hessler, Catalina 22
Mike and Sara Koss, Catalina 22
Joe and Tristin Terry, MacGregor 26
Dennis Gamble, Butterfly
John Volrath and Larry Sipiorski, Precision 18
Chuck Jagodinski and Rich Barker, Johnson 18 Weekender

The weather was questionable, but the eager sailors brought their foul weather gear and had a great time.

This scavenger hunt began when sailors rendezvoused with Chuck to get a lake map indicating the general location of the buoys. The buoys were custom made flotation devices with a red flag which had playing cards attached. The goal was to find all the buoys and take a card.

The winds were light, but enough to have a lot of fun. There was an occasional sprinkle, but not enough to dampen the high spirits of the sailors. There was some general excitement by those listening to the Badger football game when they won the axe from Minnesota for the 6th consecutive time!

At the end of the day, the boats were parked, sails folded, and the sailors then met at Saloon DuBay for dinner and to review who had the best hand. Sailors brought gifts and the best poker hand would pick the first gift, etc. John Volrath had the best hand with three of a kind 6's.

After a few hours of eating and socializing, everyone decided to call it an evening. WHAT GREAT FUN!

Thanks again, Chuck, for organizing this fantastic cruising/social event.



Hello Everyone;

Mark your calendar and get your boat and crew ready for the 4th annual Poker Cruise on beautiful Lake DuBay.

The Poker Cruise will take place on September 12th after the morning races conclude (about 1:00 PM). Skippers and Crew who wish to take part in the card pick/gift exchange need to bring a gift valued between $5.00 and $10.00 and, pre-register with Chuck Jagodinski.

It is important to pre-register because there will be a limited number of cards that can be placed on each buoy.

The Cruise will begin at the Consolidated landing (the one nearest the Boatyard). After receiving their instructions and map, Sailors will pilot their boats up the channel to the Hwy 34 bridge; locating the five buoys, and taking one card per registered participant from each buoy. Sailors will then return to the landing; put away their boats; and report to a nearby restaurant (to be determined later) for a club social at about 6:00 PM where cards will be revealed, and gifts and stories will be exchanged.

Everyone is encouraged to get out on the water and enjoy this great event. This maybe a great time to introduce non-sailors to the sport of Sailing. If you can not make the whole event, come out for any part of it - just for the fellowship.

Those wishing to take part in the card pick/gift exchange need to pre-register with Chuck Jagodinski at: or by calling him at 443-2791 or: 297-2791 so that you can be assured that there will be cards for you and your crew at the buoys.

Chuck Jagodinski


After a safe return from the Door County Cruising adventure, the sailors are still talking about their exciting adventures! Four LDBSA boats attended. Some photos are on the photo page (from Joe and Tristin Terry) and more photos and stories should be forthcoming. There is already talk about trying to put together another adventure yet this year!


Cruising boats are loaded on their trailers and ready to head to Door County. Look for photos and some type of write up soon. HAVE FUN CRUISING LDBSA CRUISING FLEET!


Sturgeon Bay Cruise Update - July 15!
Ahoy Cruising Sailors. Mike Koss is planning this summers cruise and to date, three boats are signed up:

Mike/Chuck - Catalina 22
Terry Family - Magregor 26
Bill and Barb Bergstresser - O'day 17
Larry Sipiorski - MacGregor 19

We will splash at 12:00 noon, Thursday, July 30, 2009 at FISH CREEK. The advantage is that there is a nice cruising area, such as Ellison Bay, Sister Bay, Ephraim, Peninsula Bay State Park, Fish Creek, (all of which have copious services available if needed) and Chambers Island are all with reach, all to prevailing weather, which makes it more likely that we get back to Fish Creek when we want to be. Also, Washington Island, Detroit Harbor are in easy reach. This would also for sure be more picturesque than Sturgeon Bay. (sorry Sturgeon Bay, nothing personal).

Contact Mike Koss if you're going or have any questions by clicking Mike's name or calling 715-359-4890


Now on the calendar is our Sturgeon Bay Cruise. Further details are pending, but we will meet at a location to be determined on Thursday, July 30 around noon. We will discuss our daily destination on site depending on wind and weather. Take out will be on Sunday, August 2.

Visit back for additional details.


Hello Everyone;

Due to the inclement weather, the Poker cruise scheduled for September 13 was postponed. The Poker cruise has been rescheduled for Sunday, September 28. There will be a skippers meeting at 12:00 noon where maps and instructions will be given out. We will be on the water no later than 5:00 PM at which time we will put our boats away and report to the Stage stop restaurant about 6:00 PM. I still have everyone's reservations; please let me know what changes (if any) there are to your reservations. If you need to contact me on the day of the event, call me on my cell phone.

My contact information is:
Home phone: 715-443-2791
Cell phone: 715-297-2791

See you on the water
Chuck Jagodinski



Mark your calendar and get your boat and crew ready for the third annual poker cruise on beautiful Lake DuBay. The Poker Cruise will take place on September 13th after the morning races conclude (about 2:00 PM). Captains and crew who wish to take part in the card pick / gift exchange need to bring a gift valued between $5.00 and $10.00 and, pre-register with Chuck Jagodinski.

It is important to pre-register because there are a limited number of cards on each buoy.

The cruise will begin at the Consolidated landing. After receiving their instructions and map, Sailors will pilot their boats up the channel to the hwy 34 bridge; locating the five buoys, and taking one card per registered participant from each buoy. Sailors will then return to the landing; put away their boats; and report to the Stage Stop Restaurant for a club social at about 6:00 PM where cards will be revealed, and gifts and stories will be exchanged.

Everyone is encouraged to get out on the water and enjoy this great event. This may be a great way to introduce non-sailors to the sport of sailing. If you can not make the whole event, come out for any part of it - just for the fellowship.

Those wishing to take part in the card pick / gift exchange need to pre-register with Chuck Jagodinski at or by calling him at: 443-2791 or: 297-2791 so you can be assured that there will be cards for you and your crew at the buoys.

7/13/08 The Poker cruise was postponed due to heavy wind. The event WILL be rescheduled for sometime later this summer or early fall. Visit this news page for upcoming details.
6/29/082008 Apostle Islands Cruise.

We will meet and depart from Red Cliff (Buffalo Bay) sometime in the afternoon of Thursday, July 24th, and return afternoon Sunday July 27th.

The itinerary is pretty loose- it has to be, it depends on wind and weather. If there is interest, we can stay a night at Schooner Bay for about $25.00 per boat, showers included. Otherwise we can just head out to wherever the weather will let us. In the past we have spent Saturday night at Presque Isle Harbor- there are very nice hiking trails, and a NPS campfire program, and a visitor center with some neat exhibits.

This is a great way for folks to get a little big-water experience in the safety of company, in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

We have a number a boats in the yard that appear to be capable of doing this trip… nice thing about the apostles is that there is always somewhere to duck out of weather. We haven’t lost anybody yet!

If anyone can’t make it up til later, Blewboat will monitor VHF 16. Give a call, and we’ll do our best to rendezvous.

10/2/2007 Photos from the Apostle Island Adventure are posted in the Photos page of the website. Thank you Chuck Jagodinski for the photos!

9/15/07 Six LDBSA cruising boats hit the water for the rescheduled Poker Run.

Chuck made some really neat floating markers in which sailors followed a map to and took a plastic bag from containing a playing card.

After working their way to the Highway 34 bridge for the last card, the sailors worked their way back to the yard, after which everyone met at the Stage Stop in Mosinee for supper. The best hand, owned by Mike Koss, picked the first of the "prizes" that each participant provided.

This was one of the best cruising events that anyone can remember and we hope Chuck plans another one for 2008. THANKS to everyone who participated and especially to Chuck Jagodinski for organizing the event.

Apostle Island Cruise Announced!

Mike Koss is organizing this year's Apostle Island cruise. Here is the latest:

Seeking Adventurous types to sail the Apostles, departing Red Cliff Harbor (just North of Bayfield, WI) at approx 2:00 PM, Thursday, August 2nd. BYOB (Bring your own boat)

It’s said (and true) that the most dangerous thing on a sailboat is a schedule. Where we go and what we do is pretty much determined by the conditions at the time, but as of today the intention is to sail from Red Cliff to the southern tip of Outer Island, or the southern tip of Cat Island if the winds are less favorable- there is good anchoring at both places. On Friday we will go wherever the winds will let us. Same thing on Saturday. On Sunday we head back to Red Cliff from wherever we happen to be at the time, and head home.

Chuck Jagodinski, myself and BlewBoat will be your guide to one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

We plan to stay “inside” the archepelego, so you don’t have to deal with the large swells that can develop on the open Lake. There is always somewhere to duck out of weather in the islands.

This will be BlewBoats 4th Great Lakes Cruise in as many years, and is the highlight of my sailing year. The last 3 cruises have all been unforgettable in there own ways.

So if you’ve ever had the bug for big-water sailing but didn’t want to do it by yourself, here’s your chance- there is safety in numbers. We sail loosely together, in VHF contact. If you go, you must be prepared to be self-contained- there are no services off of the mainland or Madeline Island. Most of the islands are true wilderness. This is considered coastal cruising, which means, at a minimum, an operable VHF radio, signal flares plus a generally up-to snuff boat. For more detailed information on this aspect, Stan Dale is the man to talk to. In fact a coast safety inspection is a very good idea- see Stan about this…

The Terry’s can’t make it this year, but Chuck and I will be on the Dock at Red Cliff at about noon, August 2nd, without fail. We hope to see you there. If you plan on going, please let me know so we don’t depart without you!

Lake Michigan Crossing Announced!

7/2/07 Mike Koss and Crew made the Lake Michigan Crossing!!! Click HERE for an article telling the tale and some great photos! Congratulations!

2/15/07Tuesday evenings have been put on the calendar for sailors to come out and have some relaxing evening sails for 2007. There might even be some buoys set out for those ready for the challenge and fun of some friendly competition!

Apostle Island Adventure Scheduled for 2007

2/15/07 LDBSA sailors will head for the beautiful Apostle Islands on August 3rd through the 5th. Join in the fun! Contact Mike Koss by July 28th to RSVP and get in the e-mail loop.