Why Race?
Racing allows all sailors to hone their skills and become better sailors. While there is a competitive aspect that can be very exciting, club racing on DuBay is fun, social, and is the best way to learn to make your boat do and go where you want. Have no reservations, Join us!

Lake DuBay introduced a one-design Butterfly and Lightning fleet in 2009. Club racing also consists of a handicapped fleet using the Portsmouth rating system. The boats generally racing are scows of all types, day sailors, and daggerboard boats. This system allows anyone to participate in club racing and to be competitive.

Racing takes place on Tuesday evenings (Portsmouth), Wednesday evenings (One-Design) and Saturdays (Portsmouth) as listed on the club calendar.

Tuesday and Wednesday evening races will be short races, generally lasting around 20 to 30 minutes each. Three races are generally sailed.

Race day fees are free for club members.

Race courses may be windward-leeward with the start line either at the leeward end or in the middle of the course, modified olympic (triangle, windward, leeward)


Results for the current year will be posted on this page as soon as they are available.

LDBSA encourages sailors to participate in regattas. Photos, results, and any written information submitted to the club will be posted on this page.

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2015 Club Racing

2015 Race SigCommitteen up (click here)

The 1st club race is next Wednesday, May 27. We will be one-design racing. Any three like boats will get their own start. It is anticipated that we’ll have a fleet of Butterfly sailboats, but if you want to get another fleet started, I’d encourage you to do so. Racing begins at 6:00


Wednesday, May 27 (One Design)
We had a really nice turn out for our season opener this evening. Joe Terry was there, with his son Calen -- back from his sophomore year at UW-Platteville. Nice to see Calen again. Another father and son team, Kurt and Hank Sims, were there. Hank looks like he may have grown a few inches taller over the off season. Matt Phillips showed up with a Butterfly, but had some mechanical issues, and was unable to race. I hope we see him again for the the next Wednesday evening race. Rounding out the fleet were Tom Jones and Ed Peck, who showed up a little later in the evening, but was able to start the last race.

The wind started out around 12 and decreased through the evening. The Terry's controlled the early going, finishing first and second in the first race, but then the Sims made a comeback in the second race of the night, going first and second themselves. We started the third race, a W1 in a dying breeze, and Hank Sims moved out in front early, looking to secure his second bullet of the evening. Unfortunately, the race turned into a drifter about 3/4 way up the beat, and we were forced to abandon due to lack of wind, and approaching rain and darkness. We then adjourned to the boatyard for our usual hot dog grill out.

Here are the final results:

Race 1 (10-12 kts)
(1) Joe Terry
(2) Calen Terry
(3) Kurt Sims
(4) Hank Sims
(5) Tom Jones

Race 2 (6-9 kts)
(1) Hank Sims
(2) Kurt Sims
(3) Joe Terry
(4) Calen Terry
(5) Tom Jones

Race 3 (abandoned)

Joe Terry (1)(3)[4]-1
Hank Sims (4)(1)[5]-2
Kurt Sims (3)(2)[5]-3
Calen Terry (2)(4)[6]-4
Tom Jones (5)(5)[10]-5
Ed Peck (DNS)(DNS)[12]-6

Finally, Thank you to Mike Koss and Bill Jones for working with me on race committee tonight.


Tuesday, June 2 (Portsmouth)
An absolutly perfect evening was enjoyed by 6 sailors and two race committee officers for the kick off to the Portsmouth race schedule. The winds started around 12 and diminished to about 10 on fairly flat water. The winds were reasonably consistant and the sailing was nothing short of outstanding. Thanks to Rich Barker and William Jones for handling RC duties. For the most part, the sailors were mixing it up throughout the evening and most of the sailors stayed and enjoyed a hot dog cookout in the cove after the racing.

Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Total Place
Joe Terry I-20 1 1 1 3 1
Hank Sims Butterfly 4 2 2 8 2
Kurt Sims Butterfly 2 5 3 10 3
Bob Swoboda MC 3 3 5 11 4
Ed Peck Laser 5 4 4 13 5
Matt Phillips Butterfly 6 6 6 18 6

Wednesday, June 10 (one design)

A great tunout for a very light air evening. Hank dominated the fleet with three bullets. The race comittee found the third race so tight they had to score a tie between Dennis and Calen. Thanks Rich and Mike for handling RC duties

Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Total Place
Hank 1 1 1 3 1
Dennis 2 2 3.5 7.5 2
Calen 4 3 3.5 10.5 3
Kurt 5 4 2 11 4
Joe 3 5 6 14 5
Tom 6 7 5 18 6
Matt DNS (9) 6 4 19 7
Alice 7 8 DNS (9) 24 8

Wednesday, June 24 (one design)

Hank Sims took the overall honors with 2 bullets. Kurt Sims also sailed very well tonight, tying Hank with 6 points, but with one less win. Winds started light -- around 3 knots -- and decreased from there. A large shift before the first start made the upwind legs in all races a close reach to the mark, which was probably desirable, considering the light winds. Starting well was important, as those who started in front, tended to stay in front.

Thanks to Mike Koss and Chuck Jagodinski for doing race committee.


Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Total Place
Hank 1 1 4 6 1
Kurt 2 3 1 6 2
Dennis 3 2 3 8 4
Matt 4 4 2 10 7

Tuesday, June 30 (Portsmouth)

What a great night for sailing! We had 5 boats come out to race in a beautiful 9 knot wind that lasted all evening. It was also nice to see some of the cruising boats out racing. Chuck Jagodinski and Mike Koss were racing in Chuck's Weekender 18, while Jack and Cheryl Thielke were out competing in their Precision 18. They were sailing neck and neck for the most part all evening. Looked like a lot of fun to me. Matt Phillips was looking steady on his Butterfly, attempting to chase down Ed Peck in his Laser. Joe and Calen Terry were also out flying the spinnaker in their I-20 on about as nice an evening as you could hope for.

Thanks to Bill Jones for helping out on race committee.


Skipper Boat Race1 Race2 Race3 Total Place
Joe I-20 1 1 1 3 1
Ed Laser 3 2 2 7 2
Matt Butterfly 2 3 3 8 3
Jack Precision 18 4 4 4 12 4
Chuck Weekender 5 5 5 15 5


Race 1
Place Skipper Boat Elapsed DPN @ 9.3 kts Corrected
1 Joe I-20 14.96667 85 17.61
4 Jack Precision 18 24.55 101 24.3
2 Matt Butterfly 22.03 109.4 20.14
3 Ed Laser 18.72 92.3 20.28
5 Chuck Weekender 25 101 24.75


Race 2
Place Skipper Boat Elapsed DPN @ 9.3 kts Corrected
1 Joe I-20 17.92 85 21.08
4 Jack Precision 18 30.17 101 29.87
3 Matt Butterfly 27.58 109.4 25.21
2 Ed Laser 20.73 92.3 22.46
5 Chuck Weekender 32.83 101 32.61


Race 3
Place Skipper Boat Elapsed DPN @ 9.3 kts Corrected
1 Joe I-20 17.87 85 21.02
4 Jack Precision 18 32.37 101 32.05
3 Matt Butterfly 31.87 109.4 29.13
2 Ed Laser 22.65 92.3 24.54
5 Chuck Weekender 33.9 101 33.56

Tuesday, July 28 (Portsmouth)

It's been a long time since there as been this many boats out on Lake Dubay on a Tuesday evening. We had 10 racers and a couple of other cruising boats out in near perfect conditions. We managed to do 4 races in winds that started out close to 14 knots and finished round about 4. Congratulations to Hank Sims who finished the evening with 4 bullets. Tom Jones had a great night as well with 3 seconds and a fifth to lock up second place. Third through fifth places were only separated by single points. That's some pretty tight sailing. After racing, most of us adjourned to the Rangeline Bar over on X for some hot food, cool beverages and sailing talk.

Thank you to Dennis Gamble and Bill Jones for performing race committee duty.

Skipper Boat Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Total
Hank Sims Butterfly 1 1 1 1 4
Tom Jones Butterfly 2 5 2 2 11
Ed Peck Laser 3 2 4 5 14
Kurt Sims Butterfly 5 3 3 4 15
Bob Swoboda MC Scow 4 4 5 3 16
ChuckJagodinski Johnson Weekender 6 10 6 6 28
Matt Phillips C Scow 9 6 8 8 31
Rich Barker I-20 10 9 7 7 33
Stewart Doty Lightning 7 7 10 10 34
Jack Thielke Precision 18 8 8 10 10 36


2015 Governor's Cup Regatta:

With 11 boats participating, there were high hopes for the winds to fill in for the Governor's Cup Regatta. Alas, the winds didn't fill in and the maximum gust for the day was 3 mph with winds generally between 1 and 1.9 mph. This, great racing does not make; however, the fleet was anxious to get racing so Brian Marks started the sequence and race.

To mix things up for 2015, the course was a point to point event rather than the traditional courses. This yeilded good response from club members as 5 of the 11 boats on the line were cabin boats.

While the winds were very light, they were consistant for the first 20-30 minutes after the start and boats were making their way up the course. Shortly thereafter, powerboat chop caused most of the larger boats to come to a complete stop and without enough breeze to accelerate, most of them chose to haul out the iron jenny for the trip back to the ramp.

Five of the smaller boats, including an MC scow, C scow, Lightning, and two Butterfly sailboats chose to stick it out and five minutes short of five hours later, the last boat crossed the finish line. Kudos to those who stuck it out. It took an amazing amount of patience to keep the boats moving through the power boat chop in near zero winds.

Congratulations to Joe Terry (1st) Henry Sims (2nd) and Kurt Sims (3rd) and also to Matt Phillips and Rich Barker (4th) and Stewart Doty (5th) for their determination to finish the race.