2007 Club Racing Results

Governor's Cup Regatta Results:
August 18th and 19th

The award winning sailors of the 2007, 26th Annual Governor's Cup Regatta

Results Summary:

Buccaneer Class:

Skipper Crew Race1 Race2 Race3 Total Place
Barry Frisbie Lee Roesch 1 1 1 3 1
David Martin Val Charneski 2 2 4 8 2
David Berg Meridith Hoisington 4 3 2 9 3
Craig Callis Lonnie Cohen 3 4 3 10 4
Open Scow Class:
Skipper Crew Boat Race1 Race2 Race3 Total Place
Joe Terry LaCinda Terry I-20 2 1 2 5 1
John Spargo Jim Brust I-20 3 2 1 6 2
Lee McCann Butterfly 1 3 3 7 3
Mel Smith J-16 6 4 4 14 4
Allan Bernette Calen Terry M-16 4 5 5 14 5
Richard Barker Charlie Wise I-20 5 6 6 17 6
Daysailer Class:
Skipper Crew Boat Race1 Race2 Race3 Total Place
Dennis Gamble Darcy Gamble Flying Scot 1 1 1 3 1
Stewart Doty Philip Kramer Lightning 2 2 2 6 2
Overall Results:
Skipper Crew Boat Race1 Race2 Race3 Total Place
Joe Terry LaCinda Terry I-20 2 1 2 5 1
John Spargo Jim Brust I-20 3 2 1 6 2
Lee McCann Butterfly 1 3 3 7 3
Allan Bernette Calen Terry M-16 4 5 5 14 4
Mel Smith J-16 7 4 4 15 5
Dennis Gamble Darcy Gamble Flying Scot 7 6 6 19 6
Richard Barker Charlie Wise I-20 5 8 7 20 7
Barry Frisbie Lee Roesch Buccaneer 6 7 8 21 8
David Martin Val Charneski Buccaneer 9 10 11 30 9
David Berg Meridith Hoisington Buccaneer 12 11 9 32 10
Stewart Doty Philip Kramer Lightning 11 9 12 32 11
Craig Callis Lonnie Cohen Buccaneer 10 12 10 32 12
Detailed Race Results:

Season Overall Standings
The results are in! Congratulations to everyone who participated in the 2007 LDBSA race series. Awards to the top three in the Tuesday Series, Saturday Series, and the combined overall Champion will be presented at the Fall Banquet.

Saturday, September 15
The last club race for the season capped off a very strange year with the strangest winds anyone remembers racing in. The breeze was light to moderate with shifts exceeding 90 degrees. The holes were huge, and the weather was cool. Nonetheless, six teams took to the line and had a great fun time.
Saturday, September 15 results

Tuesday, August 21
REALLY light air and a left hand shift that made for reach/reach races resulted in some unusual racing, but racing none the less. An 8 boat turnout was excellent and Mark Ennis and Mel Smith tied for first with the tiebreaker going to Mark. 12 year old Calen Terry finished 4th in his Butterfly. Fun stuff!
Tuesday, August 21 results

Saturday, August 11

After two months, a Saturday race has been completed - just. The winds blew HARD and the sailors had to really work just to complete the races. With winds around 20 mph, only a few tough sailors took to the starting line and even fewer completed the races. Congratulations Dennis Gamble for 1st, Mel Smith for 2nd, and Richard Barker for 3rd.

Saturday, August 11 results

Tuesday, August 7

Two races completed in a row!? How about that. Winds around 10 knots died down to about 4 knots for a nearly perfect evening for sailing. Even after two great races, several of the six race participants kept sailing until nearly dark! The results are as follows:

Tuesday, August 7 Results

Tuesday, July 31
Nice winds turned light, but after a month, we finally were able to get some racing in! There was a nine boat fleet and we even had some juniors sailing as Michael Martin and Calen Terry teamed up on a Butterfly
Tuesday, July 31 Results

Tuesday, July 17
Well, we tried to race again tonight. And once again, the weather was against us. Last Thursday and Saturday we had too much wind, and tonight we had too little. But that didn't keep us from trying. We had 6 boats turn up tonight and 5 boats splash, but I doubt my boat speed ever exceeded 1 knot. My wife and I did have a nice conversation with new club member Thomas Malato while we drifted about the lake, but an approaching thunderstorm forced us off the lake pretty early. I suspect the wind would have showed up eventually, but it would probably been accompanied by some lightning as well.

We did have some nice sailing last Tuesday night and Saturday afternoon. I have attached some pictures of our Saturday afternoon sail. David Martin and I and potential new member Val went out in his Buccaneer in what I would estimate to be Beaufort 5 conditions, with some short forays into 6. Lot's of hard hiking to beat up to the top of the lake, and then a exhilirating plane back to the landing side. We did that about 4 or 5 times before we (or at least I) started to get a bit tired and cold and headed in. Lot's of fun though. Mel Smith teamed up with Joe Terry, his son Tim and friend Orion in his C scow and did some sailing as well. A bad gust caught them in the middle of a jibe on the far end of the lake, and over they went. They did get the boat back on it's feet quickly though, and managed to sail it back to the East end of the lake (mostly underwater), bail it out, and sail back to the pier without assistance. Rich Barker was out in his I-20 as well.

Tuesday, June 26
Tuesday, June 26 Results (Makeup from June 19)

Saturday, June 16
The first Saturday (6-16) race was called due to not enough boats on the water to conduct a race. The winds were great at 8 to 15 and the two boats that did go sailing had a great time tuning up and enjoying an otherwise perfect day for sailing.

Tuesday, June 6

The first Tuesday (6-5) race went off great. The winds were incredibly shifty, but given the difficult conditions, the Race Committee set an excellent course. The results are now posted.

Tuesday, June 6 Results

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