Why Race?
Racing allows all sailors to hone their skills and become better sailors. While there is a competitive aspect that can be very exciting, club racing on DuBay is fun, social, and is the best way to learn to make your boat do and go where you want. Have no reservations, Join us!

Club racing on Lake DuBay is currently handicapped using the Portsmouth rating system. The boats generally racing are scows of all types, day sailors, and daggerboard boats. This system allows anyone to participate in club racing and to be competitive

Racing takes place on Tuesday evenings and Saturdays as listed on the club calendar.

For 2008, the Tuesday evening races will be short races, generally lasting around 20 to 30 minutes each. Three races are generally sailed.

Saturday races will be a bit longer in length. This allows the cruising boats, spinnaker equipped boats, and catamarans to "stretch their legs" a bit. Two or three races will generally be sailed with races lasting around 45 minutes each.

Race day fees are $5.00 for club members, $10.00 for non-members.


Results for the current year will be posted on this page as soon as they are available.

LDBSA encourages sailors to participate in regattas. Photos, results, and any written information submitted to the club will be posted on this page.

2008 Club Racing

2008 Club Champion Series:

Racer Boat Total Points Overall Place
Joe Terry I-20/Butterfly 62 1
Dennis Gamble Butterfly 54 2
Mel Smith J-16 37 3
Calen Terry Butterfly 30 4
Rich Barker I-20 24 5
Ed Peck MC 21 6
Stewart Doty Lightning 19 7
Kurt Sims M-16 18 8
David Martin Buccaneer/Butterfly 13 9
Jack Thielke Buccaneer 11 10
Mark Ennis J-16 6 11
Jim Force Lightning 6 12
Valerie Charneski Butterfly 6 13
Bill Dohr Laser 4 14
Michael Martin Butterfly 1 15
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2008 Saturday Series

Racer Boat Total Points Overall Place
Dennis Gamble Butterfly 14 1
Joe Terry I-20 13 2
Mel Smith J-16 10 3
Kurt Sims M-16 8 4
Rich Barker I-20 4 5
Jack Thielke Buccaneer 4 6
David Martin Buccaneer 1 7
Valerie Charneski Butterfly 1 8
Stewart Doty Lightning 1 9
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2008 Tuesday Series

Racer Boat Total Points Overall Place
Joe Terry I-20/Butterfly 49 1
Dennis Gamble Butterfly 35 2
Calen Terry Butterfly 30 3
Mel Smith J-16 27 4
Ed Peck MC 21 5
Rich Barker I-20 20 6
Stewart Doty Lightning 16 7
David Martin Buccaneer/Butterfly 12 8
Kurt Sims M-16 10 9
Jim Force Lightning 8 10
Jack Thielke   7 11
Mark Ennis J-16 6 12
Valerie Charneski Butterfly 5 13
Bill Dohr Laser 4 14
Michael Martin Butterfly 1 15
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2008, 27th Annual Governor's Cup Regatta

Race Results

Overall Summary
Buccaneer Summary
Scow Summary
Day Sailor Summary

Overall Detail
Buccaneer Detail
Scow Deatil
Day Sailor Detail

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We're excited to have hosted the 2008 Single Handed National Championships There was lots of help from dedicated club members and area businesses. Thank you for your support! Click on the Graphic for results.

2008 Club Racing Results:

The season started out with a cool evening on Tuesday, June 3rd but with perfect winds for some very fun sailing. Jack and Sheryl Thielke gave race committee a try and set a really wonderful course. (Thanks guys!)

The forecast was for windy, rainy conditions, but with winds around 10 with a few gusts to about 15, the weather cooperated. Michael Martin, 16, tried his Butterfly for his first race and hung in there completing all three races and clearly becoming less nervous (and faster) as the evening went on.

The fleet finished three races and got to the dock at dark and were welcomed by the mosquitoes. As a result, scores were not read at the lake, but were forwarded for posting.

The results can be read by clicking the following link:

Tuesday, June 3, 2008 Club Race Results

The first Saturday race of the season brought building winds and some new sailors. Curtis Sims, his wife, and their three kids joined LDBSA. Curt and the kids sailed their older M-16. Interestingly, with sail number DB-8. If anyone knows the history of this boat, let Curtis know if you see him at the lake.

Saturday, June 14, 2008 Club Race Results

Five Butterfly sailboats, a J-16, MC, and M-16 took to the water for a pre-Butterfly nationals club tune-up. The winds started out strong and died to about 10 by the start of the first race. By the time the last race was finishing up, the winds dropped to five or less. There was some very close racing and lots of smiles on the water.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008 Club Race Results

A mixed fleet of nine boats enjoyed three great races. The winds started out nice around 10 mph with some gusts around 15 and diminished as the evening progressed. David Martin had the unfortunate experience of a failed centerboard trunk which ended his evening early. Junior sailor Calen Terry mixed it up with the adults and earned a three way tie between 3rd, 4th, and 5th.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008 Club Race Results

Very strong winds made for a small fleet. All sailors sailed skillfully and there no capsizes in winds with gusts over 20 knots in sustained 15 knot breezes. Valerie is shown DNF for all three races, but she and David Martin mixed it up in all three races and opted to take their place rather than keep the rest of the boats waiting.

Saturday, July 12, 2008 Club Race Results

10 boats made for the best attendance this season in moderate, then diminishing winds. The course was a Windward 2 for the first two races and a Windward 1 1/2 for the last race. The last race, due to winds diminishing to zero, was abandoned. Stewart Doty made a fantastic entry to the season as well did Mark Ennis, who sailed out of some huge holes to earn a respectable 5th place. The racing belonged to Calen Terry, who's patience sailing in a Butterfly paid off big and resulted in some pretty big margins in corrected time. This is a milestone event for the Lake DuBay Sailing Association as it is the first time a junior sailor took first place at a club race event. Congratulations Calen!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008 Club Race Results

9 boats sailed in nearly perfect conditions for another GREAT tuesday evening event. The courses were a W2, W3, and W2. A few sailors showed up late and joined everyone in the 3rd race and a great time was had by all. Jim Force's wooden Lightning is a beautiful sight on the lake and the results indicate that except for the top two, everyone else was really mixing it up out there. Thanks to Dennis Gamble, Mark Ennis, and Tristin Terry for handling Race Committee duties.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008 Club Race Results

Saturday, August 9, 2008 Club Race Results

Another great evening and another great turnout for the last Tuesday evening race for the season. The winds were between 4 and 8 knots and were shifty with regular oscillations around 10 to 15 degrees making for some challenging conditions. The fleet sailed pretty tight and got three races in thanks to great courses set by Race Committee volunteers Jim Force and Bill Dohr.

Double check the season results before the fall banquet to make sure there are no mistakes in your results.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008 Club Race Results

The last race of the season was soggy and cool, but the winds were fantastic and the racing was excellent. With winds out of the east between 6 and 10 knots, everyone was sailing fast. The shifts were not extreme in the first race, but in the last two playing the shifts were more important than searching for the puffs. Congratulations to everyone and thanks to Mike Koss, Stewart Doty, and Chuck Jagodinski for handling the RC work.

Saturday, September 13, 2008 Club Race Results