Why Race?
Racing allows all sailors to hone their skills and become better sailors. While there is a competitive aspect that can be very exciting, club racing on DuBay is fun, social, and is the best way to learn to make your boat do and go where you want. Have no reservations, Join us!

Lake DuBay introduced a one-design Butterfly fleet in 2009. Club racing also consists of a handicapped fleet using the Portsmouth rating system. The boats generally racing are scows of all types, day sailors, and daggerboard boats. This system allows anyone to participate in club racing and to be competitive.

Racing takes place on Tuesday evenings (Portsmouth), Wednesday evenings (Butterfly) and Saturdays (Portsmouth) as listed on the club calendar.

Tuesday and Wednesday evening races will be short races, generally lasting around 20 to 30 minutes each. Three races are generally sailed.

Saturday races will be a bit longer in length. This allows the cruising boats, spinnaker equipped boats, and catamarans to "stretch their legs" a bit. Two or three races will generally be sailed with races lasting around 45 minutes each.

Race day fees are $5.00 for club members, $10.00 for non-members.

Race courses are windward-leeward with the start line either at the leeward end or in the middle of the course.


Results for the current year will be posted on this page as soon as they are available.

LDBSA encourages sailors to participate in regattas. Photos, results, and any written information submitted to the club will be posted on this page.

2009 Club Racing

Governor's Cup Logo


The 28th annual Governor's Cup Regatta had some great sailing and weather on Saturday. Although Sunday didn't bring enough wind to race, four competitive races were sailed on Saturday.



Race Committee Sign Up Sheet.
Please volunteer and do your part to contribute to a successful racing season!

Date Day Time P.R.O. Assistant


Saturday (Tune up) 11:00 AM

Dennis Gamble

6/2/09 Tuesday (Open) 6:00 PM Jack Thielke Sheryl Thielke
6/10/09 Wednesday (Butterfly) 6:00 PM Kurt Sims Volunteer
6/13/09 Saturday (Open) 11:00 AM Joe Terry LaCinda Terry
6/16/09 Tuesday (Open) 6:00 PM

Dennis Gamble

Ken Moberg
6/24/09 Wednesday (Butterfly) 6:00 PM Kurt Sims Volunteer
7/7/09 Tuesday (Open) 6:00 PM Mike Koss Amy Mielke
7/15/09 Wednesday (Butterfly) 6:00 PM Bill Dohr Ken Moberg/Calen Terry
7/18/09 Saturday (Open) 11:00 AM Stewart Doty Calen Terry
7/21/09 Tuesday (Open) 6:00 PM Jack Thielke LaCinda Terry
7/29/09 Wednesday (Butterfly) 6:00 PM Ed Peck Joe Terry
8/4/09 Tuesday (Open) 6:00 PM

Dennis Gamble

Jim Force
8/8/09 Saturday (Open) 11:00 AM Mike Koss Chuck Jagodinski
8/12/09 Wednesday (Butterfly) 6:00 PM Mark Ennis Ken Moberg
8/18/098 Tuesday (Open) 5:45 PM Mike Koss Melissa Sims
8/22,23/09 GOV. CUP REGATTA   Mark Ennis Mike Koss
8/26/09 Wednesday (Butterfly) 5:45 PM Stewart Doty Ken Moberg
9/12/09 Saturday (Open) 11:00 AM Click to Volunteer Volunteer


BUTTERFLY NATIONALSButterfly Nationals 2009

Calen Terry, Joe Terry, and Dennis Gamble sailed in the Butterfly Nationals at Spring Lake, MI
Click for Junior Results:
Click for Open Results:
Calen sailed very well, finishing 16th overall out of 46 boats.
Calen's finishes were 10, 23, (26) 12, 15 for a total of 60 points

Joe and Dennis both experienced some difficulty with competion in such a large fleet. The first day in light air, both sailed far back, although Joe put together a good 8th place finish in race #4. On day 2, the winds blew around 10 to 15 and both Joe and Dennis sailed better. There were 38 boats sailing in the open division. The highlight for Joe was in the last race after a great start, Joe tacked onto port after pulling out into clean air and crossed the fleet, leading for about 1/2 of the first leg.

Joe: 23rd Overall, 33, 27, (33), 8, 11, 13 for a total of 92 points
Dennis: 33rd Overall, 27, (36), 32, 31, 31, 25 for a total of 145 points

Congratulations for representing Lake DuBay Sailors!
More details can be found at www.butterflyer.org

LDBSA sailor Valerie Charneski sail at the Syttende Mai Regatt. See Regatta Result link at right.

LDBSA sailors Joe Terry, LaCinda Terry, Calen Terry, Rich Barker, and Kurt Sims
sail in 3 of the 18 boats at the I-20 Spring Regatta - Two boats place top five, all in top 50%!
See Regatta Result link at right.

The racing rules are changing slightly for 2009.
The ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing, 2009-2012 is linked above right or by clicking HERE

A hearty welcome to the new BUTTERFLY FLEET.
There will be one-design butterfly fleet racing for 2009 on Wednesdays (check the calendar for details)
Click HERE for the Butterfly Pages

Welcome to the Lightning Fleet 515, DuBay Corinthian, Midwest District. Details can be found on the Lightning site www.lightningclass.org. The Fleet 515 Fleet Captain is Jim Force.