Why Race?
Racing allows all sailors to hone their skills and become better sailors. While there is a competitive aspect that can be very exciting, club racing on DuBay is fun, social, and is the best way to learn to make your boat do and go where you want. Have no reservations, Join us!

Lake DuBay introduced a one-design Butterfly and Lightning fleet in 2009. Club racing also consists of a handicapped fleet using the Portsmouth rating system. The boats generally racing are scows of all types, day sailors, and daggerboard boats. This system allows anyone to participate in club racing and to be competitive.

Racing takes place on Tuesday evenings (Portsmouth), Wednesday evenings (One-Design) and Saturdays (Portsmouth) as listed on the club calendar.

Tuesday and Wednesday evening races will be short races, generally lasting around 20 to 30 minutes each. Three races are generally sailed.

Race day fees are free for club members.

Race courses may be windward-leeward with the start line either at the leeward end or in the middle of the course, modified olympic (triangle, windward, leeward)


Results for the current year will be posted on this page as soon as they are available.

LDBSA encourages sailors to participate in regattas. Photos, results, and any written information submitted to the club will be posted on this page.

2017 Club Racing

The 2017 race season begins Wednesday beginning Wednesday June 6 and every other week thereafter throughout the summer. Racing is fun and competative and club members encourage people to come out and give it a try. All skill sets are welcome.

It was a picture perfect night on the water. Sunny, low 70s, with 10 to 12 mph winds from the Northwest. If only we had enough time for a third race. But the sun is starting to go down pretty early this time of year, so we had to settle for 2, and get our boats put away before full dark. Thank you Bob Swobota and John Volrath for the excellent RC work.

Turned out to be a great night for sailing with that steady 10 to 12 mph breeze coming off the dam. I was pretty sore on Thursday morning though.
This is the first time I can remember having more cruisers out for a Wed. night race session than day sailors. It was nice close racing as well. I don’t think the cruisers were ever more than 30 seconds apart all evening.



Thank you to Stewart Doty, Mike Koss and Bill Knudson for handling the race committee duties.

And congratulations to Alice Keefe for winning race #2 in her Butterfly. Nice sailing Alice!


June 7 results:

The winds were ok at the start, but faded on the second lap, so we were only able to get 1 race in. I did manage to get my first foul of the year out of the way by trying to port tack Bill soon after the start and making him change course. Maybe I’ve learned my lesson for the year. I suspect not.

Thanks to Stewart Doty and Bob Swoboda for handling the race committee duties. Hopefully we’ll get some more favorable conditions next Wednesday.